project: vegan panna cotta

It's been awhile since I have made this Italian dessert called panna cotta that literally means 'cooked cream' in Italian. I love eating it because 1. it's a dessert (always the best) and 2. it's creamy and melts in your mouth when made properly. But I've stopped eating it because this desserts has a jelly agency to be shaped and set like a pudding and usually the jelly agency for that is gelatine. I'm a pescotarian which means I don't eat meat except seafood and gelatine comes from animal (pig) bones.

Luckily we have a plant based alternative because Mother Nature rocks and so I've replaced gelatine with... agar-agar! Agar-agar comes from seaweed and popular use in Asian countries. Thanks to that I was able to make my beloved panna cotta again and with todays recipe it's possible to make it vegan too.
Het is alweer een tijd geleden dat ik deze Italiaanse dessert panna cotta maakte wat 'gekookt room' betekent. Ik ben dol op dit gerecht…

My last chapter of 2018

of course! Food! durThe last weeks of December is always in the center of food! Heck yes! Throughout the year I`m a good eater or at least I think I am and eat healthy, balanced and happy as possible throughout the year. Cheat days on the weekends and no refined sugar in the weekdays. That`s the rule of an good eater but the last weeks of December this rule went straight out the window. It was everyday cheat day! Like every year.

Anyway I`d like to sum up my 2018 with highlights of 2018 within this post too! Almost everything homemade except the Dutch veggie `bitterballen` snack. My Christmas menu at home. Already brainstorming and writing down recipe 4 weeks ahead. My first time ever making salted chocolate lava cakes in the shape of baubles and it`s a good one! It`s also glutenfree too and I`m planning to release a recipe soon so you can have (glutenfree) lava cakes anytime and
any day. top books• The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
• A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini (I know,…

My must-sees in Tokyo 2018

Akihabara/秋葉原 The district where all the cool nerds or should I say otaku hang out! Manga, anime, Pokémon-go, toys and gadgets are at your service in this vibing place. I think this is where it all started with my crushing on Japan: manga. Oh how much I loved manga back in the days!I grew up with manga and anime on television, later on with games, the awesome genius design and of course the typical cute Japanese
stuff. my last anime: Naruto
Maidreamin Café ♥♥♥♥♥ Well I can finally say I have visited a maid café in kawaii Japanese style! So what`s a maid café exactly? It`s a café where you can order themed food and drinks and get served by Japanese girls dressed up in cute lolita style clothing. It should be a pampering kind of thing and the serving maids are also cosplaying. To make every customers feel special!

Me and my cousin got a table and we ordered just drinks. I wanted pancakes but they were sold out sadly. As we both got some expectation of how well and swell the service should be…