Monday, February 19, 2018

HOTSPOT: Pluk Amsterdam


I don't go to Amsterdam very often and so when I go to Amsterdam, I pretend to be a tourist. A tourist on the look out for nice hotspots and try out new eating places and so I discovered Pluk Amsterdam café!

Pluk Amsterdam motto:Pluk is for everyone who loves healthy and happy people. With us, you can be yourself.  Well healthy & happy? That`s what I`m striving for and so I entered Pluk with a smile. How I experienced my first stay at Pluk read it all down below!

Ik ga niet vaak naar Amsterdam maar wanneer ik er wel ben, dan ben ik een toerist. Alsof natuurlijk. Ik ga dan op zoek naar leuke hotspots en probeer ik nieuwe eetplekjes uit. Zo stuitte ik op Pluk Amsterdam café!
Pluk's motto: Pluk is er voor iedereen die houdt van healthy food en vrolijke mensen!❞. Hey, dat streef ik ook naar! Ik liep Pluk binnen met een glimlach dus. Hoe ik voor de rest Pluk heb ervaren lees je allemaal hieronder! 

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voor Nederlandse

First Impression: ✔
The interior was cute and cozy looking and would you just look at the counter top filled up with cakes! That looks so yummy and basically everything was Instagram worthy straight away.

Pluk Amsterdam also sells jewelery, cute kitchen ware and small house decorations and these were also decorated inside the interior. This being said I`m looking forward to try out their food!
However I wished that these cakes were covered up in a cake stand with a dome/lid. If you want to keep your cakes moist and soft and not dry: cover. If you want to keep flies and other insects (or sneaky pets) away from your cakes: cover!
Hospitable: ☹
It was very busy at that point and there was no table available. Fair enough. I mean a cute looking café in a big city such as Amsterdam I totally understand. However I wished that I was greeted with info given out and felt welcome. Because I also didn`t know how to order too which turns out that you need to order & pay straight after at the counter. Also you have to collect your food by yourself too after your name/number has been called out. I mean is this cute looking café a fastfood restaurant? Anyway eventually I got a table and my food. Clearly there is room for improvement beyond service because it`s mostly self-service. Especially for the price you pay.
My Food ☺️
1 Poke Bowl `Paradise`
1 cappuccino
Funny thing is, they got my order wrong. I ordered the `poke salmon with avocado toast` but instead I got the poke bowl version. Sigh but nonetheless it was still acceptable!

According to the menu my poke bowl should contain: rice, salmon, avocado, cucumber, soy beans, cherry tomatoes, mango, sesame, spring onion with a Japanese dressing. I was only missing the cherry tomatoes but otherwise it was a good enjoyable poke bowl still. Comfy and very nom!
Alone but not lonely.
ADDRESS: Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••• 3/5
INTERIOR: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
SERVICE: •• 2/5
PRICE: ••• 3/5

Saturday, February 17, 2018

REVIEW // Dr. Organic Charcoal Toothpaste

1. PRICE: €6,99 ($8,67) at Holland and Barrett
And my most expensive toothpaste I have ever bought in my life.
2. HOW MANY TIMES DO I BRUSH MY TEETH: everyday, once.
So I have used up this Dr.Organic Charcoal Toothpaste within 3 months+ which I think is a fair time process to give out a validate review and thoughts about this Dr.Organic Charcoal Toothpaste!
3. THIS TOOTHPASTE IS: vegetarian/vegan friendly // free of parabens // organic
4. THIS TOOTHPASTE PROMISES MY TEETH: whitening // clean // soothing //

You don`t have to brush your teeth
just the ones you want to keep
Surprisingly the charcoal toothpaste does not stay black but turns into a light gray-ish but refreshing minty foamy substance.
I have never had any cavities before -knocks on wood- in my entire life even when I was a kid and I`d love to stay this way. I just don`t like dentists ya know! I only brush my teeth once a day always in the evening before going to bed and because I only brush my teeth once a day I brush my teeth pretty hard. Sometimes too hard because my sink can turn into a bloody mess...
I know I need to be more gentle and softer for my teeth but so far it leads to a clean, fresh and zero cavities in my teeth

So here`s a snap of beginning and after 3 months brushing my teeth. I want to keep it raw and true as possible so these photo`s has no filter layer or are edited besides cropping out the photo`s. At first impression it doesn`t show any huge difference at all. Perhaps it`s the way how I took pictures of my teeth because I only took them in my room with just natural light.

In real I do have to say that my teeth does has lost bits of the yellow-ish tone and looks whiter but not cosmetic white as a rockstar. And I`m quite pleased with the results actually because it still looks naturally white.
everything from point 3. // taste just like a regular mint tootpaste

it`s pricy // it contains a sweetener stevia like why? Why do you need to sweeten toothpaste and besides stevia is ew.

 ★☆ 4/5
‘Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth’

Saturday, February 10, 2018

3 Nice Vega Hotspots in Rotterdam


Hi, my name is Mei, I love food and travel and these are my favorite places to eat vegetarian food in Rotterdam!   

Hoi, ik ben Mei, ik ben dol op eten en reizen en dit hier zijn mijn eetplekjes uit Rotterdam met mijn favoriete vega opties!

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voor Nederlandse

ADDRESS: Mariniersweg 9 3011 NB Rotterdam
SPIRIT is a buffet restaurant that serves 100% vegetarian friendly & super organic food that makes every tummy happy and back in good spirit again! SPIRIT also reminds me a lot of the buffet section of Wholefoods whereas at SPIRIT you also pay for your food depends how much it weights. So what food can you scoop up onto your plate? Well, everything! From breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Lets see what I have shall we?
Plate of diversity
Grab a plate, scoop, fill, weight, pay. In this order.
So I try to fit breakfast, lunch and dinner in one plate but there was so much to pick from really!

THE PRICE: €14,44 ($17,70) (TIP: breakfast time appears to be cheaper)
SHIITAKE PANCAKES: I`m a foodie-adventurous so of course I had to try out shiitake pancakes which I have never had before. Thinking that it would be a savory snack turns out that the dough is sweet. Hmmm. It`s a pretty OK pancake I guess. With an aftertaste.
CROQUETTE: YUM! And it was still crunchy on the outside!
RISOTTO BALLS: also very yum and still crunchy on the outside as well which I find it rare with buffet because most of the time deep fried stuff tends to be soggy and tough. Not at SPIRIT clearly!
AVOCADO w/ GRAPEFRUIT SALAD: I wasn`t too sure how this combo would work but it did and it`s surprisingly good!
CAULIFLOWER HAWAII: sweet and spicy, nothing wrong with that!
SATÉ TEMPEH: I was looking forward for this because it looks like a skewered chicken with peanut sauce Indonesia style. I wonder if this vega version would be good too and it was not bad with 70% that tasted like actual meat I find.
SPRINGROLLS: this rolled up goodness was just delicious!
CHEESECAKE: vegan cheesecake! And a very good one! Love the fresh fruit on top that gives a nice sourness to it.

ADDRESS: Botersloot 18A 3011 HG Rotterdam
NOO.ME is an Asian fusion restaurant serving foods from multiple Asian countries with the leading ingredient: noodles! NOO.ME has been established since 2016 after a crowdfunding on the Internet which only took 3 days for them to reach their target. And that I think it`s pretty awesome! NOO.ME is not a veggie restaurant but they do have one 100% vegan dish which is the vegan laksa also called the `NOO.MEAT LAKSA`, a true Winter warmer!
Spicy food makes my nose run and o boy this bowl turned my nose into a faucet! Don`t worry I have enjoyed this bowl all the way to the end because it was a good hot. And spicy comfort food are extra nice anyway during these winter days. And that`s right, these are vegan shrimps on top and they were pretty darn tasty! Furthermore: vegetarian broth, tofu puffs, edamame beans, zucchini and bean sprouts. Delicious!

Koek & Pan
ADDRESS: Zwaanhals 430, 3035 KT te Rotterdam
Social media & food, they are like great business partner together because if it wasn`t for Instagram, I would have not found Koek & Pan. At least not any time sooner. Anyway! Koek & Pan (literally means Cookie & Pan) is a food place that specializes in pastry and pies. They are not a vegetarian restaurant but! They do have a pretty good veggie options. Like this vegan pulled pork pie!
Truth to be told I have never had real pulled pork before. Pulled pork is finally starting to become a popular dish here in Holland but do I feel missing out now that I`ve become a vegetarian? Nahhh, not at all! If I had to imagine how pulled pork would taste like, then this vega version would be my model dish. The `pulled` texture looks and taste just like meat and if you ask me indistinguishable from the real thing and only €2,85 ($3,50).
More about KOEK & PAN and their croffins (croissant + muffin) soon!