Saturday, July 7, 2018

A Night At The Museumnacht 010 - Rotterdam

A bargain!

Now that`s a cheap price for visiting 44 museum for the entire night! Of course it was impossible for me, Jessy and Noah who were with me during the Museumnacht (means Museumnight) to tick all 44 museum but we were gladly to see and visit some of our favorite museum. Check them down below!  

Voor één prijs en je kan in alle 44 musea binnengaan, dat noem ik een goedkoop uitje! Natuurlijk hadden ik, Jessy en Noah - die ook van de partij waren niet alle 44 musea bezocht. Lijk me nogal onmogelijk, maar gelukkig gingen we wel langs onze favorieten. Check ze hieronder! 

@ Hinoki
Before we entered the cold artsy night, we warmed and filled our belly first with a bowl of ramen and hot sake. Oh yas.

More of this coming soon!

Maritiem Museum
The Maritiem Museum is a maritime museum and presents everything relevant about such as the sea, harbor, navy, fleets, marine power, boats, water etc. etc.
I thought this would be a total boring museum visit but oh boy how wrong was I! I`m quite surprised of how this kind of museum - whom I thought would not be my cup of tea could be this interesting, interactive and actually: fun!
I was super duper sick that day :( covered my face to protect myself and others.
This computer on wheels was actually our tour/info guide and was all self moving, following with an actual real live person behind the screen who speaks and also answers your questions if you had them! I even had a short conversation with the person and was really funny.

This was my least least favorite museum visit. There were here and there pieces that were beautiful but mostly it was too contemporary and too abstract. #tooweird
My girl Jessy who dragged me into this Museumnight event. (THANK YOU)
Seriously, what are these?


At this colorful eventful night at my favorite museum: Boijmans van Beuningen, I wanted to see one specific art piece called `The Tower of Babel` painted by the Dutch Pieter Bruegel the Elder. I have never seen this painting in real before other then on the internet and such but it`s a super detailed painting with a quite intriguing story behind it. I was also quite surprise of how small the painting actually is in real when I finally saw The Tower of Babel.
Why I speak Dutch and you 荷蘭人
Ever wondered why the world has so so so many languages? The Tower of Babel painting explains and shows you why. According to Wikipedia the story tells about an united humanity in a land called Shinar where people only speaks 1 single language with each other. Here they all agree to build a city and a tower tall enough to reach heaven. Their way of cheating to reach heaven on the easy way sorta. God, who was observing their city and tower, was not amused and punished them by twisting their one and only speaking language and multiply it into a thousands of languages. This way the people of Shinar could not understand each other and making it impossible to finish the tower and blocking their way up to heaven. (Genenis 11:1-9)

The Tower of Babel painted was painted in the year 1563.
How does it feel when we don`t understand each anymore? Me and J. had a taste of this miscommunication by joining a fun activity where you try to color a piece of The Tower of Babel the right way. The only problem is the clue is written in... Latin! O boy.

If you know Latin then this little piece of paper should be no problem but I don`t know Latin and so I was blind coloring my piece of The Tower of Babel.
Result: a mix of missmatching pieces of The Tower of Babel, being artsy and unique at the same time.
More Tower of Babel inspired activities.

Our last museum visit of the night was at the Kunsthal. They had a theme created that night which was called `a night at the circus. It was quite horrifying.
By Danish artist Michael Kvium.
And that`s it! Time to go home and sleep.