Friday, May 18, 2018

DIY: bodysuit bottom opening (with press studs)


Bodysuits: an apparel that reminds me of my childhood gymnastic where I had to wear these special gymnastic suits. Very tight stretchy suits that sticks to your torso which is also the same thing with the bodysuit. I'm usually not a huge fan of tops that are tight and I much much prefer baggy, saggy tops that hang loose comfy around my body. #hidethatfoodbaby

But with bodysuits it feels different. Yes it is tight but to me it gives a secured tight feel. Almost like a hug. Plus bodysuits keeps things tucked it and creates a seamless look when wearing pencil skirts or skinny jeans.

However, there's a teeny tiny down point which is to pee comfortably with those bodysuits with no opening at all at the crotch! If you have to pee then you just have to take off your top clothing and basically go half naked to do your business in the W.C. 

I have decided to be bold and snipped one of my beloved bodysuit the bottom part in two and connect them with press studs! All it takes is some (hand) stitching and sewing with as result: a total neatly enclosed bottom part. I'd like to share my ways and experiences with you guys so hence this little DIY. If you're having the same bodysuit issue, please try it out!


Bodysuits: een kledingstuk die me terugvoert naar de turn dagen in mijn jeugd waarbij ik die speciale turnpakjes droeg die strak en stretchy zijn. Net als de bodysuits die op dit moment in de mode zijn. Normaal ben ik niet zo van strakke topjes. Geef mij maar liever baggy kledingstukken die heerlijk losjes om mijn lichaam hangt. #hidethatfoodbaby 

Maar met de bodysuit is dat net anders. Het is weliswaar strak maar het voelt meer als verborgen strak. Als een knuffel, zeg maar. Daarnaast blijft een bodysuit altijd op haar plaats en zorgt  voor een naadloze look bij het dragen van kokerrokken of skinny jeans.

Toch is er een minpuntje zoals naar de wc gaan met bodysuits zonder een opening aan de onderkant. Dit betekent dat je vaak helemaal moet uitkleden en sta je halfnaakt je behoefte te doen. Hmmm. Hier moet iets op bedacht worden!

Ik heb dus besloten om stoutmoedig te zijn en heb een van mijn geliefde bodysuit aan de onderkant doorgeknipt en deze weer met elkaar verbonden met drukknopen. Het enige wat je doet is steken maken en knopen vastnaaien met als resultaat: een totaal netjes afgesloten onderkant. Ik wil graag mijn ervaringen met jullie delen, dus vandaar deze kleine DIY. Als je dezelfde bodysuit-kwestie hebt, probeer het gerust uit!

What do you need?
a bodysuit (mine is from Motel) // a pair of (yarn) scissors // small needle // 2 pair of press studs
If you are feeling a bit too intimidating to cut open a bodysuit (which I totally understand) try an older piece of perhaps practice on a cheaper secondhand bodysuit.
Instructions ✀ 
1. First we need to create an opening - a hole at the bottom. To make the least damage, I find the best way is to cut open a seam underneath at the bottom with a pair of scissors. Keep cutting until you have a hole and disconnect the bottom by cutting the hemmed edges through.
2. Then we need to hem the edges of both parts by blanket stitching it.
3. Place the press studs on the outside at the bottom and hand sew them onto the fabric.
4. Then we need to attach the other press studs. To make these press studs click perfectly on top of each other, place and click the studs on top of each other first. Then thread a needle through the other cut bottom part inside of the fabric and then continue threading through one of the holes of the on top only (second) press stud. Now we have secured the spot of the second press stud on the other cut bottom. Remove the studs from each and continu sewing the second press stud on the other fabric.
5. Once all press studs are sewn and attached on the bottom fabric, click them on top of each other again to see how it fits. Leave a good amount of thread and tuck them underneath the blanket stitch part. and cut the excess thread lastly.
et voilà!
A seamless look
Seamless but also great for layering, covering and it stay tucked in your skinny jeans or pencil skirts!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Food Nerd Nite // event


It was Monday and I was in Antwerp - Belgium for a food event: Food Nerd Nite with a special theme: vegetarian/vegan food and drink! Vegetarian food? That's totally up my alley even though I'm just half vegetarian, I still love to eat vegetarian food or even completely vegan from time to time.

If you think that I was just eating boring salad the whole evening at this event you are wrong! I was introduced by the most impressive vegan food, drinks and the makers behind these food which were incredible inspiring. At the end of the evening all I can say that I left the event with a much healthy feeling, body and mindset.


Het was maandag en ik was in Antwerpen voor een food event: Food Nerd Nite met als thema: vegetarisch/vegan eten en drinken. Veggie eten? Dat past helemaal in mijn straatje ook al ben ik zelf slechts half vegetariër, ik hou nog steeds van vegetarische eten. Zelfs vegan van tijd tot tijd. 

Als je denkt dat ik bij dit event heel de avond salade zat te eten dan heb je 't mis! Er kwamen indrukwekkende veggie producten voorbij en maakte kennis met de makers achter deze producten. Heel inspirerend! Aan het einde van de avond kan ik alleen maar zeggen dat ik het evenement verliet met een veel gezond gevoel, lichaam en mentaliteit.

Nerd Nite Menu
sweet cakes on a stick

salad in a glass with vegan cheese, raw crackers and organic infused pear juice

organic soup with edible flowers and vegan cream

vegan pita with mushroom, red chicory and cream and

refreshing cranberry alcoholic drink

botanic burger bites

seaweed burger - also 100% vegetarian

coffee, tea with sweets and chocolates to finish
We start off our evening with a wonderful apéritif: mango juice! Followed by cakes on a stick.
A glass of salad.
A glass of garden.

Green thinkers with passion.

Kitchen Peeks
Promoting organic/vegan products at it`s finest way starts at the kitchen that is done by these fella`s from catering service: Local Heroes. I`m a supporter of organic and vegan products so I had high expectations that these fella`s does these pitching products justice.
Let`s have a peek shall we?
I need this liquid divider thingie in my life!
Soup by:
Mustard soup & tomato soup.
My favorite? Definitely the mustard one!

Enjoying vegetarian bites & live music and feeling really healthy that evening without guilty feelings. Well almost because that cranberry mojito alcoholic beverage that I had later on (just one) was a true party in a glass! Delicious!
Charly All Is Fair Vegan Cheese
Here I am having my first vegan cheese ever!
Guess what, they are 100% vegetarian friendly. Even the real meatlovers at that evening were telling me how they ar not missing a piece of chicken or beef at all. Thumbs up!
My favorite bite
of the evening:
Mc Seaweed Burger
I love burgers. I love seaweed. Put them together and you have an amazing product and guaranteed a party in your mouth! And it surely was a party ánd firework in my mouth so thank you!

From Botanic Bites
Still Healthy
To The End
The Nerd Nite Menu says: coffee or tea with sweets to finish off this evening. I had (great) coffee and this melt in the mouth dessert that was of course vegan. Amazeballs! And leaving the event with a pretty much healthy feel and body too, I love it!

Well done Food Nerd Nite.
The Good Stuff Bakery
Later on I`ve learned that these are pumpkinseed cups. Delish!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Eat Brunch at: Eetbar de Wagon

We Ordered
1 tea `orange treasure`
1 cappuccino

1 pancake with maple syrup
1 pita bread with smoked salmon, tarragon mayonnaise & avocado crème
1 poached egg with brioche sticks

Tilburg - The Netherlands
Caffeine first
Coating our stomach first with something warm and brewing before diving into the main.
🖒oh yes!
So here`s our food!
Firstly a very pretty
minimalistic food
presentation on the
plate making it look
a bit fancy too.
I`m a sweet breakfast eater rather than a savory breakfast eater and so I was looking forward to eat the pancakes with maple syrup!
The pancakes were fluffy and delicious and I wish it came more than just 4 small pieces. Also, where was the maple syrup? More maple syrup please!
The next dish is egg with brioche (my favorite type of bread!) and as it looked arty-minimalistic it also looks well, scanty too. But it was only 3 bucks too so yeah. The good thing was the egg yolk which was runny (my favorite!), and secondly te brioche sticks weren`t so bad either and me and J. had fun time dipping it into the runny egg yolk. Overal a nice but scanty little dish.
And finally the pita bread with stuffed goodies inside and it was good! Loved the pickled onion and the creamy mayonaise inside.
The Train Wagon
The restaurant is located in an old retired train carriage from 1930 which is personally a great feature. With a few changes, renovation but preserving the vintage look the carriage is equipped with open kitchen and modern bar. And I LOVE it!
ADDRESS: Burgemeester Brokxlaan 1041 5041 RP, TILBURG - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••• 3/5
INTERIOR: ••••• 5/5
SERVICE: •••• 4/5
PRICE: ••∙ 2,⁵/5