Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Leaving Groningen

yawn yawn
stretch stretch
I never skip my day with a good energizing wake up yoga and so I wasn`t planning to skip in Groningen.

tea & coffee
Yay for a kettle in the room but I much rather have the better fuel downstairs at the breakfast buffet which was pretty guud!
And I always end my meal with a dessert. Hurray for this self service waffle maker! That`s a huge plus in every breakfast buffet to me!

Day 2 and also my final day in Groningen. Sigh, I really don`t want to leave Groningen. Before I take the 4-hour trainride back home again, I`ve decided to take my last walks in Groningen. Just a little bit more of carefree Groningen please!
It`s around 20 min walk from the hotel to city center. I`ve decided to take the bus but oh man that`s one overpriced one-way bus ticket, boo.
“I`m In Love With The Shape Of You”
The buildings
Gorgeous large house but I bet it can pass as a creepy horror house too. Like imagine what it would look like by night.
A matcha break, yes please!
Along the way I`ve met and came across feline friends here and there.
This little friend makes me smile! While I was taking pictures of everything this cat was watching me and observing me in way of `who is this weird Chinese woman and why is she standing there taking pictures?`. Well dearest random cat let me take a nice picture of you too of your nosiness!
Konbu ♥♥♥♥♥
My lunch was at Konbu Streetfood and by checking out their little menu it is based on East Asian streetfood such as the Vietnamese phở, Japanese ramen and Korean kimchi. I`ve decided to go for a good bowl of vegetarian ramen with a cup of fresh mint tea.

Nice sleek, hip touches of Asia and laid-back interior vibe!
veggie ramen
My €11,- veggie ramen and contains the following toppings: corn, seaweed, egg, bamboo, shiitake mushroom, bean sprouts and spring onions and swims in a (MSG) miso soup base. Mhmmm that sounds delish and it was! It doesn`t come near to the real Japanese ramen of course but still it was enjoyable and filling.
Most satisfied residents
According to a research, Groningen residents are the most satisfied residents about their hometown in the entire Netherlands. There`s a huge down-to-earth vibe and residents sense great safety within the city Groningen. Perhaps it`s my happy-when-I-travel feel but I felt the same way during these last 2 days in Groningen. Everyone was friendly, not moody and just minding their own business in peace.

It is time to go home. Before heading back home a one last coffee stop first at Coffee-Bike which is literally a coffeebar on bike. Pretty awesome!
Later I`ve learned that Coffee-Bike is actually a huge franchise and was invented by two students. I`m not sure from which country but Coffee-Bike appears to be active in the UK, Germany, Romania and The Netherlands and if you have barista-ambitions you can easily sign up to become part of the Coffee-Bike company!
▲ my flat white
my luggage ▼

Friday, September 28, 2018

Arriving in Groningen

This is Groningen
4 hours train travel
With that time I could have been in Marrakesh if I took the plane but nope, I`m still in my very own country arriving in Groningen.
Gorgeous old Dutch style train station.
my bed
So I got myself the deluxe double bedroom #207 that`s comfy, clean with nice sleek modern interior and extra spacious too because it was all for me including the double bed!
free wifi
(small) amenities
hair dryer
reading material
tea + coffee maker facility

fitness gym area
friendly hotel service
24-hour breakfast service
(large) room service
yoga mats
183 cal burn? I`ll take it! And so the first day in Groningen I walked back and forth from the hotel to city center a couple of times. Not only I did it for the calorie burn but also I enjoy walking/hiking a lot and I think you`ll see and discover so much more by foot, agreeable?
Let`s go then!
Why, hello Groningen!
⮝ The Martinikerk towering over the city center.
Grabbing a snack at a fancy looking bakery `Broodje van Eigen Deeg`. Their slogan: everything is French. Except the baker itself. ⮟
And they weren`t joking about their slogan because most of these goodies were French timeless famous pastries and looking extremely good. I just hope they protect and cover these goodies from flies/bugs in the Summer. #hygienefirst
I got myself a crunchy buttery croissant (not pictured) and a madeleine cake. Also very buttery and delicious! You know it`s a good madeleine cake when 1. it`s a shell form and 2. it has a bump on the back.
slow, sunny, good vibe, picturesque Old Dutch
And I`m not talking about Amsterdam!
Café Uurwerker
It was mid afternoon and all the walking is making me thirsty. It`s time for a drink and in my case tea! I came across a busy looking cafè Uurwerker as youngsters were taking over the terrace. I wanted a take away and so I`ve said “One take away mint tea please” to the guy behind the bar. This bar guy was a bit tipsy I`ve noticed because he was drowsy, slightly red faced but also jolly. And I was sure he was tipsy because there was no take-away beverages at all and this guy misheard me -ahum- and he gave me way to much money change at the end.
Anyway, he did served the right tea and so I`ve decided to sit down at Café Uurwerker instead taking away.
Uurwerker is a Dutch word that literally means `hourworker`.
Old Dutch but Groningen is young
Groningen exist 300 b.c. and to this very day there are still remaining streets/paths that are dated from that time. Cool! Beside that Groningen is a historical city, it also happens to be the youngest city of The Netherlands. All thanks to the 59.000 students (19,6% foreign students) that lives, studies, breathes in Groningen that gives an average age score of 36,4 year old.
students & bikes
Another hotspot tryout in this unknown city but feeling at home by the minute I`m here. And yes that is what I do as well: trying out as much fun unknown hotspots as possible. PURE was a hotspot recommendation by a dear blogger friend My Linh (hi!!!) from telling me that PURE has the yummiest doughnuts! A life without doughnuts is a sad life and that`s why doughnuts is on my highly top favorite food list and that`s why I had to visit PURE.
I came for the doughnut. Eventually it became a doughnut and! A frozen yogurt and I am not regretting.

Or in English: Prince`s Garden.
I was curious about this piece of green in the city like Groningen besides that I`m a lover of parks. It became a lovely stroll at the park I`d say at this royal garden in renaissance style.
➤ Wadapartja ♥♥♥♥♥
Dinner with My Linh
I met up with blogger-friend My Linh for dinner at a restaurant with a fun name Wadapartja. It`s a Dutch word play for `wat apart ja` which translates: what odd yes but the food isn`t I can tell! Their cuisine is kind of a mix of everything and everything homemade too.
We Ordered:

green broad bean soup
vegetarian curry w/ naan
blueberry lavender cheesecake
Everything was yum and satisfying from our soup starter to the blueberry lavender cheesecake. Though me and My Linh agreed: more lavender please next time because it was very very subtle.

Also meeting up with My Linh was also the first time in real life apart from the social media where we first got to know each other. Ah, the excitement! But with all my blogger meet up so far it is all positive and bonding especially when it comes to food. Our conversation is like 80-90% food related!
Food people are the best don`t you think? We talked so long that we forgot to take a selfie of us both, boo! O well that means we have to meet up again very soon right!
Hey room #207 I`m back. My first day in Groningen is well spend and I don`t want to set alarm because I want to sleep in but I don`t want to miss out breakfast either and I have to check out before 11.00. Time to sleep tight but that should be no problem with this amazing comfy double bed.