Saturday, May 15, 2010

"I have left my head and my heart in NY"

I'm back from New York! 
Missed my posts? Of course you did.
My second time in NY was great! I had a awesome 10 days spending my time in The Big Apple and I can't believe the 10 days are over. Time sure flies (to fast) when you are having fun. 
My main goal in NY was: family <3 - shop - eat - sleep
My sweet families are spread all over the world, and thanks to that I can travel alot. Saying goodbye never been easy to me and thank God I didn't cried. 

Shopping. There's no vacation without shopping. From the day I put my foot on the shopping area in Broadway/6th Avenue/Time Square/Chinatown I can't remember how many times I wanted to cry out of happiness.
I have saved up money to buy things and with a little help of my generous dad ;)

 One of the best doughnuts in my life. From Doughnut Plant.

Verazona Bridge!

 Some buyings from New York - click for more!

I will be pigging out on these later >w<

New, decent camera 
Lip balm
Skin & hair products
Manga stuff
Kitchen supplies

As you can see I still don't got a new camera and I still don't know what to pick. The Canon EOS 450D is one of the camera's I want.
 More photo's of my New York trip coming soon!
I have taken over half GB of photo's~

I'm Feeling: extremely tired | happy | stressed
Music: Ayumi Hamasaki - Part of me A nice, calm song by miss Hamasaki. She looks stunning in her geisha outfit and make up. 
Food: Pineapple bun
Drink: Green Tea

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