Monday, August 22, 2011

OOTD: Just tan me

 Conclusion: Summer weather sucked in Holland this year.

The temperature was stuck poorly at around 20 degrees Celsius and the sun was far from doing it's thing: shining. 
Now that my holiday is over, and going to do my internship the weather was
kind of nice last saturday (25C degrees + sun). All I want to say is d0ugh! a là Homer S. style.
Nevertheless, I took advantage of the weather and finally wore my
strapless white good :)

Can you believe it was only for 15 bucks? I nearly missed it out and there was only 1 piece left, but thanks to this lady who hold the piece in the air, looked at it with huge criticism and decided not to buy it - I had a second thought about it and run with the speedoflight to grab and claim it!

Don't be fooled, it's not a dress.

Denim vest: Hong Kong - white playsuit: Landgraaf - Bag: H&M

Is it recommended? Should I try it out? Available at Sephora.
I'm Feeling: relieved!
Music: Sean Paul feat. Alexis Jordan - Got 2 Luv U My newest favourit song to dance on!
Food: Eggplant
Drink: Water


  1. hey lovely! and YES i actually do have a video but i got really girly/dramatic and decided to nix it because i thought i looked like an idiot lol. but whatever to that, i PROMISE, a video is next!

    and as always, i am loving your blog so much! this is a cute look and your sunnies are awesome!

    love ya! xx jamie

  2. Such a lovely white dress Mei! And house of flying daggers..I have such a huge crush on the actor! He's the most stunning guy I've ever seen! xoxoxoo

  3. haha
    the jumpsuit really looks like a dress :)

  4. it looks good! (: and i would have happily given some of our super hot summer days to you, there were too many of them T__T hahaa xx

  5. die derde foto is mooi!
    En wat een leuke ketting! :D

  6. Hey thanks for your comment! Yea I love going to starbucks and just sitting there having a latte or something! :) The guy in the picture is just a really good friend btw. And very nice outfit on ur post! Currently following your blog!


  7. nyan :3 (lol guess what my verification word is? "Bar Cat")

    I'd love to share the sun with you D: it's been over 30°C here in switzerland since last saturday... I feel like I'm melting in my chair...

    the jumpsuit is so cute *_* it sure is alot more convenient than a dress *_*~ looks like korean fashion xD likey likey

    that tomatoe stuff looks interesting... I wonder how it smells. oO

  8. i absolutely adore your outfit!! those trousers are the cutest things <3

  9. woooow, what a beautiful outfit! I really love it, and your photos are all gorgeous. LOVE XX

  10. Honey, the thing between me and the boy is a bit complicated, I will find out on Thursday what is going on-I have arrived to a point where I can't understand what's going on, LOL!
    I know I deserve to be happy (everyone does, except criminals, paedophiles, etc.), but I have some regrets and some things I have to apologise for, as soon as I have done that, I can move on and be happy, with or without him :)

    LOVE your dress, where's your necklace from? It's amazing!


  11. Thanks! If you're in hong kong between the 5th of december and the 12th, we should do a meet up!
    Yes, i am cantonese....and i love your dress!

  12. bahahah i'm glad that lady put it down otherwise something bad could have gone down!!!
    great buy you look great!

  13. thanks for joining!

    nice pic and bag btw ! <3

    Journal J

  14. love the pants!!!!! they are just fantastic. so cute how you wore the outfit

  15. The weather could have been worse. We spent most of July either being rained or hailed on.

  16. cute outfit =)
    so flow-y, fresh, and summery!
    I have tried Yes to Carrots night cream maybe 2 years ago... and i LOVED IT!
    it was creamy and felt really good on my skin ♥

  17. great photos :)

  18. hi girl,

    nice jumpsuitt

    we love itt!!

    hajar et mounia
    Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  19. i adore that outfit!! beautiful white full body suit.


  20. OMG 15 bucks for that?! u're so lucky!!!! u look gorgeous and that little necklace is amazing :) so cute!

    ps, im so checking out sephora for that tomato range lol


  21. Wow that's a really nice outfit, the jacket goes perfectly. Good decision to go back and buy it! x

    Just a Thought

  22. OMGOSH your white dress/pants is AWESOME!!! i thought it was a gorgeous drapey dress atfirst.. love that it's pants but looks like a dress.. hahaha i can't get over it. you look GORGEOUS in white!!!

  23. The white dress is nice! Leuk dat het ook niet echt een jurk is :)

    Ik zie dat product ook altijd :P ik heb er wel goede verhalen over gehoord, maar twijfel nog..


  24. Héhé I'm glad two that my classmates are so open and nice :)

    Look AMAZING!

    LOVE IT!


  25. that is an interesting piece! nice!

    the yes to tomatoes makes my hair feel so soft! i like it! also when yer in the hot shower and using it, it kinda smells like pizza XD

    thank you for your kind words!

  26. Oh this jumpsuit is lovely, suit you very much!

    I 'm going through a skin care obsession lately and I will try the tomato products from Sephora!


  27. Funny dress ! I love it.

  28. omg it's so cool! it really looks like a dress! :)
    great blog, wanna follow each other?

  29. cute outfit, love the sunnies too :) x

  30. Love "dress" very nice and simple, great for summer.


  31. Hi, thats funny I thought it was a dress haha, I have never tried the yes to tomatoes but it sounds good :)

  32. wauw, i really thought it was a dress! good for you that the woman put it looks really good on you!

    Love, May

  33. Cute outfit! Loving the playsuit and I really agree about the weather this summer in holland. It felt more like fall -.- good thing that I could escape it for 4 weeks


  34. cute outfit
    love the denim vest with the white dress - cute

  35. love your outfit!
    Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  36. That is the cutest, most random little play suit.. You look sweet in it :)

  37. I totally love your blog and approach for sure will follow!
    Please check out my blog

  38. Oh leuke layout+background Mei!
    Reply: Jep ze bleven wel plakken, maar ik gebruikte een verkeerde lijm denk k... ze bleven te goed plakken whaha (mr gelukkig gaan ze makkelijk eraf met nagellak remover) xx

  39. Your jumpsuit is so cool! Haha, I thought you were wearing a dress at first. Your photos always come out so cool, especially the sunglasses one!

  40. ooh, I love your new layout :D it's so pretty! I wish I could do such layouts, but I fail so bad, so no change for me. haha

    15bukcs? what a bargain. :D it looks fantastic!

    I bought a bird necklace, some earrings, a pair of winter booties and a shirt. :D will show them later.

  41. super awesome for 15 bucks!! i love great deals and steals..


  42. That playsuit is so lovely! I love it with the vest!

  43. that's amazing. your necklace is perfect.

    if you're not already following you could if you want to and i'll follow you back.

    new post♥mfashionfreak

  44. i love your watermark/signature on your photos ^^ and i love the maxi jumpsuit :3 it looks nice and floaty and comfy ^^ i love it paired with the vest :3

  45. So gorgeous and what a bargain! I love your blog, gong to start following!!

  46. that playsuit is so cool!! i honestly thought it was a dress at first :D

    ♥, peppie

  47. Awesome jumpsuit! And you got it for only $15! I love how you paired it with the vest.

    - Judy

  48. love that outfit! :) so pretty in white!