Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just 10 questions

 Thanks to Viva La Bree for tagging me and giving me an 'Kreative Blogger' award! Please pay a visit to her blog!

1. Name your favorite song(s): my favorite songs currently are "Hurts Like Heaven", "Princess of China" by Coldplay and "Wait Till You See My Smile" by Alicia Keys. 2. Name your favorite dessert(s): greentea ice cream, grass jelly dessert with sago & fresh fruit, cheesecake and tiramisu! 3. What ticks you off: cocky & attention seeking people. 4. When I'm upset I: isolate myself from the world with a giant chocobar and turn music on and dance like I have never danced before.  
5. What's your favorite pet: if I'll get a pet I want to have a cute little hedgehog and a cute pet-owl! 6. Black or White: white. 7. Biggest Fear: to lose the people that I love. Oh and spiders. 8. Everyday attitude: I'm pretty a silent, shy & funny type mostly. Shy when being around strangers, funny when being with friends :) 9. What is perfection: unfortunate I am quite a perfectionist, especially when coming along with art. Everything has. to. be. perfect! So when that's reached it feels like victorious! 10. Guilty Pleasure: eating to much, online shopping and watching the reality show 'The Kardashians'. 

Some random, irrelevant shots about me and food. This green tea Pocky is yummy!

Happy saterday!


  1. yummy, green tea pockey ;o. Nog nooit gehad, maar klinkt wel erg lekker ^^.
    nummer 3 idd :L

  2. cool! I enjoyed reading your answers! :)

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  3. The Pocky thingy looks so good, I've never eaten them in my life :( But I wanna try out some day! And I want a pet owl / pet hedgehog too! So cute <3 xx

  4. Looks yum! I enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. x

  5. Congrats dear! You deserve it ^^ You're very creative, I love your blog :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  6. It looks like a pocky filled with chocolate x3.

    ...and the California based brand i was talking about is - Hollister :)
    The dark store atmosphere has always scared me out of the store quite fast, but this time i had a reason to stay there for longer because my friend found some clothes to try on...and i must say - really nice style^^, i will check them out soon again. We will see if they fit my taste,too :D

    ♪ Vernissage and Cream ♫

  7. ohmygosh pocky! my favorite food!!!


  8. thank you >.<!!
    I appreciate it! I actually fell from my bicycle.. That's why I put on the band aid :))


  9. Funny questions! I can relate to your answers! And omg? GREEN TEA POCKY? Wheeeeeeeeeere did you got that? Please tell me! :3

  10. lol, ik vind die te chemisch smaken haha :P

  11. Oh my, that green tea pocky is amazing! I want some right now...luckily we have some pocky around the house, off to search for some!

  12. The green tea Pocky looks delicious! I've never tried that before. That's great that you dance, when you're upset. I mostly just rant in letters to a friend. XD

  13. Thank you for always leaving nice comments on my blog. I enjoy reading your blog alot. It's nice to have blogger friends all over the world. Have a great week. Lisa

  14. I have never seen Green Tea pocky here in the States before! It looks yummy though :D

    And I am deathly afraid of spiders too..actually, all bugs and creepy crawlers in general. And I'm super shy and quiet in person when around ppl I don't know as well too :)

  15. aw c0ngrats t0 having an award 0u deserve it. anyway what that's green things 0n y0ur m0uth. it's n0t familiar and i d0n't kn0w that things l0l. this is my first time t0 saw that things.

  16. lucuu :)) enjoy
    hahaha folow back my blog pleasee

  17. Is there chocolate in that pocky!? YUM! :) I miss those!!

    I also love Princess of china from Coldplay! haha :D

  18. What ticks you off: cocky & attention seeking people. >> same here. i can't really get cocky people.

    i love online shopping too! nice answers there :)

  19. nice photos!check out my new post xoxo

  20. green tea pocky? awww i need to give it a try!

    i adore coldplay, it makes no sense that they are nominted worst album in nme! :(((

  21. Oh, that green tea pocky looks yummy! I haven't tried this flavour before, need to keep an eye out for it...
    I love cheesecake and tiramisu too!

  22. Dream house is about a guy thinking that his family is alive o_o but actually he's hallucinating!! haha. the movie is so lame >__<.

    Snow factory is like part shaved ice and ice cream n__n so delicious!!

    The green tea pocky looks yummy! Haha a hedgehog and a pet owl? x)! interesting :3

  23. You're so welcome, love! I'm glad you love the award. These are amazing facts. I'm also guilty of being a perfectionist sometimes, but that's alright. I also like watching 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' haha. :D

    P.S. That green tea pocky looks so good!

    Lots of love, B
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  24. I can't find green tea pocky here ;_;

  25. heya! if you really would send me a pack of pocky, i could send you some finnish candy in return! :3 send me an email if you think it'd be fun! xx

  26. Yummy, it looks delicious :)


  27. congrats on the award! Yummy desserts you like.

    Fashion Nostalgia

  28. So yum!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out!

    ox from NYC!


  29. i love the theme of your blog!!! :)

  30. i love ur blog :)

    & that thing looks yummm :)


  31. That looks interesting. Nu ben ik ontzettend benieuwd hoe dat smaakt. Waar haal je zoiets? :P



  32. Hehe watching the kardashians? Guilty guilty guilty you are :pp dw me too hehe !

  33. I love green tea Pocky! So delicious :)

  34. Omggg I love green tea! I don't think they have it here. We are so deprived living down under.