Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If you are hungry, you draw. If you are bored, you draw.

What are the benefits when you
are a student in Holland? One of my favorites:
free public transport traveling (train, bus, metro etc).
You can go anywhere & everywhere for free! 
All students 18+ receive a 'student scholarship'.
It varies, me for example receive around €300
a month.

We all know the economic aint so good in Europe 
and finally, the day came where all these luxury comes 
to an end. New government decision: off with the
free traveling & scholarship! I only have 1 year to
go so I'm not involved with this. But still.

I also know that most country doesn't even have 
these benefits so on the other hand we should not
be complaining. 

So what do you think?
 My new sketchbook! Brand 'Paperchase' has great stuff! I just love the brown paper in the center!

 This is what I love to do in class: drawing food. Pen used: Stabilo 0.4 pen black.

 I cannot wait to see the end result!! Sketch version: click!

Happy Halloween & Happy November! 


  1. Nice!

    I really don't like that the government is cutting so much from students! :x We are a "kennis economie" and therefore they shouldn't lower the already low budget in education. They should invest instead! Oh well, I hope I get no financial problems in college. Guess I just have to wait and see! D:
    That they are bringing back the road tax on oldtimers is more understandable. Still sucks though, because then I have to pay tax for my motorcycle! :x
    What is your opinion about it?

    Looking forward to the drawing!

  2. Love you're cupcake drawings! This descision of the government sucks =.= I really need the free public transport, because I have to travel a lot when I'm going to college... :c

  3. Kekeke~
    I love looking at your art posts. c: I haven't drawn anything recently (extremely behind on commissions as well ;u; ), but now I feel more inspired~ :'D Thank you for the photos!

  4. aw i love yoru illustration!! its sooo cute! you are soo talented! :D

  5. I guess the economic in Europe is better than here.
    You girls are lucky to experience those.

    Cute drawing!

  6. Hey, sorry for the late reply, hay-fever season over here means I've been taking lots of early nights ;<.

    Here us student don't get much benefits, apart from an awesome loan repayment plan which gets wiped off if we die before we pay it off :D
    Girl, can you draw! Once upon a time i would spend ages drawing and editting photos and pictures. Unfortunately that flame inside of me was constantly under attack by my parents disapproval :<
    Maybe I can pick it up again :D and produce something nice like you!

    The customers are the worst ;A; I just want to find a job I like already!

  7. that's really nice info.. i just know about that.. one of big benefit.. so, we don't need to thinking about the transport expenses..and €300 still a big amount..

    oya, about the pics.. that's really amazing.. love your drawing.. coool...


  8. Wahhhh free public transport for students is so good! We still have to pay ..although it's cheaper than full fare :( But aoishf yes, your artwork is amazing as usual Mei!! Teachhh meee <3

  9. You are talented in so many things, love to see every new idea of you!

  10. So pretty! I love the character you drew in the end! So pretty and dreamy!

  11. You're such an amazing artist! I never knew that students in Holland got free transportation and some scholarship money. That's amazing!

  12. OMG you are SUPER CREATIVE :-D i'm so impressed ♥

  13. great idea!

  14. It's so pretty ! I Love drawing too !

  15. WOW WHY ARE YOU SO TALENTED?! I am amazed :D (and wow as if you guys got free public transport?!! I'd never be motivated to start driving if I lived over there haha)

  16. It would be so good if we would have a free transport where I live..

    Beautiful work! :*


    Can I have your talent please? LOL (≧▽≦) but seriously though, you're so talented. ;__;

  18. The food pictures are so cute! That notebook with the brown paper in the middle is really cute too :)

  19. omg you're so talented! that note now looks so adorable :)

  20. When I was studying in Australia, I didn't get any benefits or concessions since I was an international student. I do think that it will be an extra burden for some though.

    You are super talented!!! Your drawings are really nice!!


  21. I want to eat all those cute cupcakes! Hehe. I also use Photoshop cs to edit my drawing. Some recommend me to use Corel n Paint but its too complicated to use since I already use to Photoshop. Hehe. Nice works!

  22. cute drawings!! wow free transportation and scholarships, sounds too good to be true! i wish the US would try something like this lol but that's a long way that they're taking y'alls away tho :(

  23. thats actually my hobby I love to draw but its been a while since the last time i draw

  24. Happy Halloween & Happy November
    thanks for sharing benefits

  25. wow this amazing! cute drawings <3

  26. Your doodles are always cute! That's a shame about the scholarship & free transportation!

  27. You are such a talented girl! Those drawings are really cute (:

  28. Your drawings of the cupcakes and pies look just like they came with the notebook. They are so lovely. The strokes you used on them too.

    Your last drawing reminds me of Audrey Kawasaki due to the muted colours on brown.

  29. so cuteeee!!! love it <33


  30. Beautiful, beautiful work. I love paperchase - how did you ink directly on the notebook without messing up? Very impressive work. I look forward to seeing the final product.

    d a n i e l l e |

  31. wow! you are good! I can't wait to see the end result!!! I drwa too during classes but it always end up looking really silly or creepy :P and then I have to cover it with one hand so that my neighbour doesn't get a shock -.-