Thursday, June 27, 2013

I pledge my allegiance to ice cream

My summer holiday bucketlist:

1. Be technology free for the entire day week.                     
2. Make a flower crown of real daisies.                
3. Do fun activities with friends as much as possible.         
4. Read loads of books.                                   
5. Make crayon melt art.                             
6. Buy a design tablet.    
7. Visit a zoo, music festival.                                        
8. Get abs.                                                           
9. Improve flexibility.            
10. Get a natural tan + a sun tattoo.                                     
11. Own a designer bag (with sale of course).                     
12. DIY like mad.              
13. Cook and bake like mad.                              
14. Do charities and volunteer.                                     
15. Eat unusual food (deep fried bugs, snails etc.)               

What are the things you want to do in summer '13?

Ugh, I so really need a haircut. But I also want to let my hair grow...

Top: H&M // skirt: Hong Kong boutique // shoes: Melissa (I have these pair for over 4 years lol..) // sunnies: // jewellery: ASOS - Gogo Philip, DIY, SIX



  2. wow, long nails! is it comfortable for you? :D

  3. Cute outfit! Do grow out your hair, I liked it when it was really long! So jealous of it :P Maybe get a trim so it grows faster?
    Cute outfit btw! Looks comfy, and your bucket list is so similar to mine aha! I want to make a floral crown out of daises too!
    - Kar Yan :)

  4. Aww Mei, you look awesome! I guess, I should create a bucket list for summer, too. Number 15 made me laugh somehow.

  5. Hahaha I am totally working on No.8 too :)
    Try Jillian Michaels 6week bas program.
    I am 2weeks in now!
    It wasn't easy at first but now I love doing it
    and really see the progress!
    I should write down my plans for summer like you.
    Thanks for inspiring me!!!!
    And ohhh love your vintage ring <3

  6. You look beautiful! The skirt is gorgeous!
    Fashion Ganache.

  7. Technology free for one day. That's a good one. Would be even better for an entire week! :)

  8. I do love this pleated skirt! So pretty :)
    I want to get healthy and tone up this summer as well.

    Trendy Teal

  9. wow you are so pretty! lovely look!
    Emma xx

  10. You look dashing :]
    I like the "summer bucket list" too :3

  11. Lobe the bucket list and outfit :)

  12. The no. 4 read many books!
    Lovely outfit!
    Cute skirt!

  13. Be technology free for a week will be better.
    Of course read many books!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  14. Weet je wat ik zou doen? Dat flesje vullen met alcohol voor onderweg. PARTEH ALL DAAAY ERRDAAAAY.
    Grapje :p Like ur sunglasses!

  15. So adorable in the last picture! <3

    I should make a summer bucket list, too - it's a good idea :)

  16. I'm happy to pledge the same allegiance. Also I'm so with you on 9 - improve flexibility. I definitely want to get back into my yoga this Summer while I've got free time! But you're on your own with the unusual foods one haha.

    Jade | JadeFungBlog

  17. aw you look soo cute!! i love love love your skirt! its so pretty!! :D great bucket list!! a week without technology?!? i dont think i could ever do that :P good luck with the list!! :D

  18. haha you're so adorable and funny~~
    I wish I could have done those things as well,
    I only did like half of it XD I think

  19. gorgeous outfit!!! soooo soooo love it!!! :D

  20. Wat heb je een leuke outfit!! Super tof :D Ik wil deze zomer graag nog heel veel DIY, genieten van het zonnetje en lezen D:

  21. Aww, you look awesome! I like your bucketlist, I will be contemplating on my own this week I think. But 1, 3, 4, 8 and 13 sounds brilliant. I might want to add those to mine.

    Have a great summer!!

  22. Awesome list, I hope you get to check all your to do's off by the end of summer!

  23. The last photo of you is so sweet and lovely and I can't help but agree with the post title!

  24. well good luck with that list, as for the first hmm
    that is quite impossible for me haha
    I'm looking forward to see your color melting art

  25. Nice post! I'm your new follower! I hope to you could follow me too and see you in my blog sometimes Thanks! :)

  26. So cute.

  27. That glass (perfume?) bottle necklace is super cute!
    I don't think I can go technology free for one day let alone one week! Good luck with that :)

  28. lovely post, dear!

    visit my blog please, i'll be so happy)
    maybe we could follow each other? let me know)
    love, Yulia

  29. Cute post! Your summer bucket list is so fun. Love the outfit. It's so casual and fresh for summer. Love the colors of the skirt and pattern. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Just started following on BL. Hope you can follow back soon so we can stay connected : )


  30. Your summer bucket list sounds great! I am so jealous it's summer over in Europe!

  31. hey there! My holiday to-do list mostly same with you, except the number 15, eat unusual food... gee I don't have the brave to eat that lol...

    you look lovely as always :D

  32. Your bucket list sounds very fun! Good luck finishing everything! I also want to read more books and do some baking. :)

  33. veel van de dingen op je lijstje wil ik ook graag doen deze zomer, behalve het krijgen van spieren dan haha :p ofja, spieren krijgen wil ik wel, maar ik ben bang dat ik daar niks voor ga doen :) laat mij deze vakantie maar lekker lezen, films kijken en veel DIY projecten maken, dan ben ik gelukkig :)

  34. your blog is lovely<3
    maybe you want to follow each other? :) Let me know:)

  35. I just found your blog and it's so cute I follow you ! ♥


  36. Having summer goals is so great! I recently got a beautiful pink bike for a graduation present and I'm moving to New York next year, so my big goal is to ride it as much as possible before I get gobbled up by the crazy NYC traffic! I'm also obsessed with working out and getting abs is on my list, too! You should try doing the P90X 15 minute "Ab Ripper X" video- I've been doing it every other day for a month and I can really see results! Good luck with your goals, doll!

    Xo, Hannah