Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lets talk about my first (real) job!


1 more night! 1 more night! And then it’s time to celebrate the merriest day of the year with lots of food and relaxation in your comfy pyjamas! 

I have finally got some footage of my current job and I can finally share it with you guys as we had Christmas celebration at my work as well with of course lots of yummy food!

I work with children with special needs that are around 4-6 years old.
I can’t really say what my occupation is because it’s quite diverse - as I teach, consult, take care, document, and talk with la parents and my favourite: to craft with the kiddos!

I happen to have a teacher degree (surprise surprise) and I’ve always told myself that I only want to work with the ‘normal’ kids. But what’s normal? My brother has autism but his body is functioning fine. I sound really picky and perhaps a bit scared and judgemental when I said that. Working with kids with special needs are fun and challenging! And for some reason a bit less stress than with the mainstream normal kids. I guess you have to taste and experience all things first.

I also feel blessed to able to find a job this quickly because I only graduated this year. I’m also blessed with the colleagues I have because they were really welcoming and taking away my awkwardness that I have sometimes…
So yes, this is my job! My first real job!

Anyway have a warm Christmas full of love and joy! I’ll have mine c:  

Nog een nachtje slapen en dan is de tijd om lekker te ontspannen in je pyjama en lekker legaal veel te eten!
Ik heb eindelijk ook wat foto’s en info voor jullie over mijn huidige baan en die kan ik eindelijk vandaag met jullie delen! Want ook op mijn werk hebben we kerst gevierd met natuurlijk lekker eten!

Ik werk met kinderen met beperkingen van ongeveer 4-6 jaar oud op een school.
Mijn functie is vrij divers en ben wel overal op school werkzaam, zoals: assistentie verlenen, les geven, verzorgen, documenteren, met de ouder praten en het leukste: lekker knutselen en spelen met de kinders!

Ik ben bevoegd om les te geven aan kinderen en ik heb altijd tegen mezelf gezegd dat ik alleen met de doelgroep 'normale' kinderen wil werken. Maar wat is normaal? Mijn broer heeft autisme, maar zijn lichaam functioneert voor de rest prima. Wat klonk ik toch kieskeurig en misschien een beetje bang en veroordeeld toen ik dat zei. Werken deze doelgroep is namelijk leuk en ontzettend uitdagend! En gek genoeg is het werk ook minder stressvol dan met de reguliere kinderen.

Daarnaast ben ik blij dat ik een baan kan vinden zo snel, omdat ik dit jaar nog maar ben afgestudeerd. Ik ben ook blij met de collega's, want ze ontvingen me met open armen zodat ik sneller mijn eigen draai kon vinden op mn nieuwe werkplek.
Dus ja, dit is mijn werk! Mijn eerste echte baan zou ik zeggen c:

Ik wil jullie daarnaast nog en warme kerst vol liefde en vreugde wensen! Ik heb er zin c:

The kids does DIY!
I am also happy with the freedom given in being creative in my work!

And here's our Christmas lunch:
We had an American style Christmas lunch where the kids brought something from home to school!

 Cream buns were everyone's favorite!

One of my pupils love eating this 'Babybel' cheese snack and it's my first time eating it. 
Kind of an odd but pleasant taste this cheese thing!

Another perk: I get all the holidays that the kids has as well c: 
Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas! Aw, that's so nice that you get to be creative at your first real job! Congrats!

  2. Merry Christmas! Crafting with the kids must be so much fun, and all that Christmas-themed food is adorable!

    I worked with special needs kids when I was in high school before. As a competitive swimmer for my school's varsity team, my job was to teach them how to swim or at least get them comfortable in the water.

    I ate Babybel cheese all the time when I was little :P I sometimes like eating them with crackers :) I always had so much fun playing with the red wax haha.

    -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. congratulations on your new job! you indeed have a great job here..and all the DIY looked superb cute! children are fun yet sometimes might frustrated easily..but no matter how they are always the cutest! merry christmas,girl and have a blissful one

    xo joselovincolors

  4. Awwww... That's so cool that you work with kids! I seriously love the babybel cheese! We have them here in the states, and it's always been a little snack for me! :)

  5. Oh wow, that's awesome! Your place looks like such a fun and colorful place, I'm sure you must be very patient and loving of those young kids. I'm not going to consider working with children, it's not for me! I would love some cream buns about now!

  6. Merry Christmas :) it is good that you can also use your creativity at work. Haha that is the good thing about teaching , all those holidays!

  7. I didn't know you were a teacher - that's amazing! You're doing amazing work! I actually used to work for a law firm that specialized in discrimination against special needs students. It was hard yet rewarding work!
    Love all of the pictures - looks like the party was a fun time!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. I'm really glad you like your job! :]
    The vacation days are awesome :p

  9. ahh good luck en wat leuk dat je dit deelt met ons! Ik weet zeker dat jij heel veel bijzondere dingen gaat mee maken, ik ben benieuwd! nd Merry Christmas hehe

    A C Y H O Z - blog


  10. that is awesome! i love all the arts and crafts!! :D

    Happy Holidays!
    Animated Confessions

  11. Merry Christmas! Geez, I love your photos and your work sounds super interesting, not to mention, fun!!! :)

  12. That's an amazing job! Keep up the good work. And the crafts look so pretty. Merry Christmas!

  13. Really lovely photos - you are very lucky to work in a place that looks so lovely and inviting and I love all of the DIYs you have created with the kids! Cannot wait to see more photos and hear more stories about your job in the new year!

    Rae of love from berlin

  14. That job is so you! It looks like such a cute place to work in and I'm happy that you get to let your creativity shine through! I'm so bad with kids though haha, they don't seem to like me much and I probably don't like them much either. :P

    becky ♡ star violet

  15. Congratulations on the job! I love how you decorated your space.

  16. how lovely and sweet! you are the perfect person for this job! someone who has a kind heart, patient, creative and has lots of love. :)

  17. So glad to finally see your job place! :) And you're a teacher!! Wonderful, I can totally picture you being great with the kiddos. And no surprise your table is the one with the most amazing cookies jar ever! :) hahahaha, thanks for sharing this piece of your life Mei! :) Wish you had the merriest time this Christmas, here is also for a brilliant 2015!

  18. Wow, en pedagogie en een opleiding ontwerpen! Had ik niet verwacht! Heb je dan zowel een bachelor als master in pedagogie?

  19. Wow, congratulations on the job! I bet you'd be an excellent teacher -- you have so much patience, enthusiasm, and are so creative! The kids are lucky to have you!