Sunday, August 23, 2015

I learn my 35°C Italiano days in Florence


When you visit Florence the capital city of Toscana region you can’t miss out the history, culture and art that this city has to offer because Florence is home of a fifth of all Western art treasure pieces.
And yet we didn’t visit the famed Uffizi museum and I regret it.
We only have 2 days in Florence and my goal was to venture the streets of Florence as much as possible so we chose the streets and buildings over attractions.

And maybe we didn’t want to follow the tourist herd but luckily Florence has impressed me so far!

But of course when you are in a city like Florence we can’t ignore entirely it’s offer and so we visit a 400 year old pharmacy which is probably the oldest pharmacy of Europe. I really recommend this one to all future visitors! The first thing that the pharmacy hit me and mostly my nostrils were the lovely herbal floral scent and smell and I hoped somewhere that this would cover up my own not-so-fresh-anymore body oder thanks to the mercilessly 35°C weather. Luckily the ac was on and blasting!

Our 2nd visit to the Leonardo Da Vinci museum had no ac but fans that didn’t helped much either. The museum is small and mainly showcases Leo’s genius artwork back in the renaissance era. The ticket: €5 with student discount thanks to my expired student pass (ha). After a full 30 minutes were we done and ventured for a well deserved ice cream which you can find it everywhere in Italy.  


Wanneer je Florence de hoofdstad van de regio Toscane bezoekt, zul je ongetwijfeld veel geschiedenis, cultuur en kunst tegenkomen. Florence schijnt daarnaast de thuisbasis te zijn van een vijfde deel van alle westerse kunstschatten.
En toch zijn we niet de befaamde Uffizi museum te geweest en daar heb ik nu beetje spijt van.
Wij hebben maar in totaal 2 dagen en mijn doel was om lekker doelloos de straten van Florence te struinen en zoveel mogelijk de stad zien en lieten we de attracties beetje links liggen.

En ook omdat we de toeristische kudde willen vermijden, maar tot nu toe heeft Florence indruk op me gemaakt!

Maar natuurlijk kun je het aanbod van Florence niet volledig negeren en dus hebben we een bezoek gebracht aan een 400 jaar oude apotheek en waarschijnlijk de oudste apotheek van Europa te zijn. Een echte aanrader voor alle toekomstige bezoekers! Bij binnenkomst sloegen de geuren van kruiden en bloemen me in de neusholtes. Heerlijk! En ik hoopte ergens dat dit mijn niet-zo-fris-fruitig-meer lichaamgeur zou dekken dankzij de genadeloze 35°C weer. Fijn voor ons dat de airco ook aanstaat.

Onze 2e bezoek aan het Leonardo Da Vinci museum had geen airco maar ventilators die helaas niet echt hielpen. Het museum is klein met daarin de werken van Leonardo uit de renaissance tijdperk. Het ticket: €5 met studentenkorting dankzij mijn verlopen studentenkaart (ach). Na een volle 30 minuten waren we klaar en gingen we een welverdiend ijsje eten! Iets wat moeilijk te missen is in Italië

 Magnificent interior inside pharmacy Santa Maria Novella.

Pharmacy Santa Maria Novella 
Entering one of oldest pharmacy of EU (some say the oldest of all) and the entrance is free!
Inside you'll find different chambers where they sell perfume, herbs, beauty products and there's even a tearoom selling tea and food. 

The interior is whimsical and blooming with nature finest. 

One of our first ice creams in Italy. So good!

Leonardo Da Vinci museum 

Inside one of Leo's work: the mirror room. 


  1. That pharmacy is simple beautiful! I love everything about it. Will definitely have to add that to my list if I ever go back to Florence. :)


  2. Stunning photos! I'd love to visit there sometime, it's so exquisite and detailed. And just how cute are you and your outfit? ;)

  3. Nice :]
    " dankzij mijn verlopen studentenkaart (ach)" heheh, ken er hier nog een ;]

  4. Everything is so beautiful! I love it and hope to visit it myself one day.

  5. Wow, that 400 year old pharmacy sounds so neat!! I wonder if it's family owned?

  6. Such magnificent architecture! You make me want to visit Italy!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  7. That old pharmacy is beyond cool

  8. Gorgeous! When I when on a tour which also visited italy back in 09 we did stop in florence for a day but my family took that afternoon off to spend at a local hypermart to get things for my brother who was home! I totally would love to visit italy again and other european countries in the future!

  9. These photos will make anyone pack their bags and fly over to Florence! There's always that one or more place you wish you got to visit, but you know that's a good way (or excuse) to make another trip in the future! ;) The pharmacy sounds amazing :)

  10. WOW!! Florence is gorgeousss!! I remember taking Italian for 1 semester in middle school! Wish I stuck through with it :P

    Steph | Opal + Opal

  11. Haha student discounts are the best! Last time I went with a museum with some friends, and the guy at the ticket booth let us in with the youth tickets, which were even cheaper than the student discounted tickets! What a guy :) Anyways, I hope you're enjoying your travels! Ice cream is always a good idea :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  12. I LOVED Florence, these photos make me miss it so much!