Friday, September 4, 2015

Another day in Florence


And my city trip in Florence continues in this post! After being in the Leonardo Da Vinci museum (turns out it’s a chain company) and in the oldest pharmacy of Europe, my venturing through the streets of one of the prettiest cities in the world continues.

I have another list of things I want to do like to eat real risotto and to witness the famous sightseeing constructions like the ‘Ponte Vecchio’ bridge. I have managed and succeeded in both of them! The Ponte Vecchio means ‘old bridge’ in Italian and it is something you would want to see for every first-timer tourist in Florence.

The bridge is not just a bridge but it has houses attached on it and on the sides which really attracted me in the first place. When I walked on the bridge it felt like I was walking on a street. Again a worth visiting spot!

We felt the 35C degrees in every way again and I know I have brought this up many time but this temperature is hard to forget really. At some point it just holds us back from moving forward. I was getting so sleepy!
But sleeping was for us no options and so we kept our head cool with refreshments like bubble tea and escape to places that has AC. You should see my face when I discovered a bubble tea shop in Florence really!

Anyways, happy weekend!

En mijn stedentrip in Florence blijft voort in deze post! Na de Leonardo da Vinci museum (blijkt een keten bedrijf te zijn) en de oudste apotheek van Europa, wagen we weer door de straten van een van de mooiste steden ter wereld.

Ik heb nog een lijst van dingen die ik wil gaan ondernemen, zoals echte risotto eten en beroemde constructies betuigen. Een daarvan is de 'Ponte Vecchio' brug. En ik kan met trots zeggen dat ik in beide geslaagd bent! De Ponte Vecchio betekent 'oude brug' in het Italiaans en een echte aanrader voor iedere nieuwe toerist in Florence.

De brug is niet zomaar een verbindingsweg, maar er zijn heuse huizen gevestigd zowel erop als ernaast aan de zijkant, heel eigenaardig! Toen ik op de brug liep, leek het alsof ik over straat liep.  Nogmaals deze brug is een bezoek waard!

De 35C graden voelden we in alle opzichten nog steeds en waarschijnlijk klink ik als een zeurkous, maar deze temperaturen vergeet je niet zomaar. Op een gegeven moment werd iedere stap zwaarder en ik werd er zelfs slaperig van.
Maar slapen was voor ons geen optie en we hielden ons hoofd koel met versnaperingen als bubble tea en we ontsnapten naar plaatsen die AC heeft. Je zou mijn gezicht moeten zien bij het ontdekken van die bubble tea winkel!

Ik wens je een fijn weekend alvast! Hopelijk valt het regen mee.

Should I regret for not trying this 10+ buck lobster one out at Mcdonald's? No actually shame on you Mcdonald's for overpricing everything! My God!

On the 'Ponte Vecchio' bridge which means 'old bridge' in Italian. Interesting to see on this bridge were the jewelry shops in cute Middle age style.  

I forgot if this romantic window shop belongs to Tiffany and Co. but it's so pretty!

I am so in love with these terrace views. They are actually build on parking spaces.

 We have found bubble tea in Florence! More of this soon!

I was really deeply impressed when I saw this man replicating Mona Lisa with just chalks on streets. The next day we saw him again on the same spot drawing Mona Lisa again. Then I kind of lost a bit of respect in him since he's probably been doing this everyday the same routine over and over again.

Then we had supper where I had one of the best seafood risotto ever! More of this soon too!

 The stones were actually burning (!!). 


  1. These photos are so beautiful! Worth battling through the heat for :)

  2. Bubble tea in Florence? When will it end? Although sometimes an almond milk tea really hits the spot

  3. Your photos are looking so nice !


  4. That's actually an okay price for a lobster roll. I think over here in the USA, they can average anywhere from $13 to $25 dollars.

  5. Can't go wrong with bubble tea, especially when it's ridiculously hot outside! That risotto looks incredible too, wish I could try it through the screen somehow haha :p

  6. Lovely photos!
    I would like to try MAFIA FREE FOOD♡


  7. BUBBLE TEA!!!! I never get tired of that stuff :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  8. Your photos are beautiful, it looks like a wonderful place. I'd love to do a tour of Italy, there are so many parts I want to visit, Florence being one of them.

  9. Oh! What I would do to walk those streets myself! Lovely!

  10. Florence is such a vibrant and beautiful place! I only wish/hope I have the opportunity and funds to visit one day! One day :)