Saturday, September 8, 2018

My Tokyo G's: Ghibli Museum, guinea pig petting and greenery

Hot tea & rice balls morning
The awesome convenience shops I miss but mostly the rice balls from Japan. They are so delicious, nutritious and filling. When I was in Japan, I ate them quite a lot in the morning or during brunch time.
Usually I pick a 100% vegetarian onigiri (rice ball) like seaweed, with sesame or just plain salted.
3 months on the waiting list
Which a museum guard of Ghibli Museum told me if I want to get in the Ghibli Museum: 3 months on the waitinglist. I was utterly sad and stunned as I stood there at the main entrance because I wasn`t going to see my beloved Ghibli Museum anytime sooner. The tickets were sold out and there`s a 3 months waiting list?! Unless you`re a citizen of Japan you can get tickets for the next day. Geez, 3 months that`s ridiculously long or is it just me? I guess I just have to come back another time in the future. That`s not a bad thought thought of going back to Japan, because for example I haven`t seen the entire Tokyo yet. Thank you museum guard of Ghibli Museum I am looking forward to come back to Japan even more!
Sad because I can`t get in. So take my advice and be better prepared than me: book tickets like half year beforehand.
For now I was just taking pictures from the outside area which was free and I also took a walk around the museum building which looked fairly small from the outside.
With My Neighbor Totoro!
From Ghibli to adventure
I took the metro, the bus and end up walking mostly of the day.
My plan A was to go to Ghibli Museum that is located just outside the centre of Tokyo: Mitaka. This area around Ghibli Museum is quiet with lots of plants, green and zen feel. I want to check out more. Even it was 40ºC that day, so hot, but I was also determined that this was going to be my plan B: a stroll through this park called Inokashira Park. I mean when plan A failed, you go to plan B even though this plan is improvised.
Here I was thinking of how this person can lay down in the open air in the scorching sun ray of 40ºC?
Shadows, yes please.
Inokashira Pond, you are mind-freeing.
Paying my respect. With a view.

Inokashira Park Zoo
My plan B.
I wonder how many people did visit this zoo after learning the long waiting list at Ghibli Museum like I did, lol.
Refreshment time with walnut flavoured ice cream, walnuts and cherry sauce. Yum!
animal lover ♥
Honestly I have a love/hate thing with zoo`s. I don`t like seeing animals being locked up behind bars but I`m also a lover of animals. I just want to see them and if possible to pet them and give them loads of my humanly love.
Therefor I`m a bit relieved to read that Inokashira Park Zoo is a non-profit organization and focuses on spreading ideas of animal protection and to learn of co-existence of life and harmony of nature.
Petting time!
At the guinea pig house.
Hey fluffball thanks for making me feel better of missing out Ghibli Museum that morning.
Monkey business
And finally the squirrels
Hot humid day, I feel you little friend.


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