Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Leaving Groningen

yawn yawn
stretch stretch
I never skip my day with a good energizing wake up yoga and so I wasn`t planning to skip in Groningen.

tea & coffee
Yay for a kettle in the room but I much rather have the better fuel downstairs at the breakfast buffet which was pretty guud!
And I always end my meal with a dessert. Hurray for this self service waffle maker! That`s a huge plus in every breakfast buffet to me!

Day 2 and also my final day in Groningen. Sigh, I really don`t want to leave Groningen. Before I take the 4-hour trainride back home again, I`ve decided to take my last walks in Groningen. Just a little bit more of carefree Groningen please!
It`s around 20 min walk from the hotel to city center. I`ve decided to take the bus but oh man that`s one overpriced one-way bus ticket, boo.
“I`m In Love With The Shape Of You”
The buildings
Gorgeous large house but I bet it can pass as a creepy horror house too. Like imagine what it would look like by night.
A matcha break, yes please!
Along the way I`ve met and came across feline friends here and there.
This little friend makes me smile! While I was taking pictures of everything this cat was watching me and observing me in way of `who is this weird Chinese woman and why is she standing there taking pictures?`. Well dearest random cat let me take a nice picture of you too of your nosiness!
Konbu ♥♥♥♥♥
My lunch was at Konbu Streetfood and by checking out their little menu it is based on East Asian streetfood such as the Vietnamese phở, Japanese ramen and Korean kimchi. I`ve decided to go for a good bowl of vegetarian ramen with a cup of fresh mint tea.

Nice sleek, hip touches of Asia and laid-back interior vibe!
veggie ramen
My €11,- veggie ramen and contains the following toppings: corn, seaweed, egg, bamboo, shiitake mushroom, bean sprouts and spring onions and swims in a (MSG) miso soup base. Mhmmm that sounds delish and it was! It doesn`t come near to the real Japanese ramen of course but still it was enjoyable and filling.
Most satisfied residents
According to a research, Groningen residents are the most satisfied residents about their hometown in the entire Netherlands. There`s a huge down-to-earth vibe and residents sense great safety within the city Groningen. Perhaps it`s my happy-when-I-travel feel but I felt the same way during these last 2 days in Groningen. Everyone was friendly, not moody and just minding their own business in peace.

It is time to go home. Before heading back home a one last coffee stop first at Coffee-Bike which is literally a coffeebar on bike. Pretty awesome!
Later I`ve learned that Coffee-Bike is actually a huge franchise and was invented by two students. I`m not sure from which country but Coffee-Bike appears to be active in the UK, Germany, Romania and The Netherlands and if you have barista-ambitions you can easily sign up to become part of the Coffee-Bike company!
▲ my flat white
my luggage ▼

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