Old Dutch Delft, hallo!

When you have to name a city from The Netherlands you'd probably come up with Amsterdam which is quite the obvious. Or  perhaps Rotterdam. Or Delft for the real geographic go getter.

Delft lies north of Rotterdam and it's a city of art and a big chance you've heard or seen of Delfts art.
How about the 'Girl With the Pearl Earring?' Yep, it was made by a Delftenaar and painter J. Vermeer.
We have Delfts blue pottery and tiles. There's cheese. 

There was also rain when I was in Delft with my colleague friend Sanneke. But it was also my first time in Delft and I was excited! We saw a lot of art related stuff in Old Dutch style. We ate at Kek (blogpost here) and we did a boattrip.
Scroll down to see our Delft adventure.

Als je een Nederlandse stad moet opnoemen, welke zou dat zijn? Amsterdam? Dat kan. Of Rotterdam. Maar wat dacht je van Delft? 
Delft ken je vast ook wel!

Ik ben er nog nooit geweest wel rijd ik er vaak langs met de trein. Delft ken ik natuurlijk van Del…