Mount Moiwa 藻岩山

BUS We could have hiked from our hotel to mount. Moiwa but then I`m just going to blame convenience and took the free shuttle bus. ROPEWAY Then we bought tickets for the ropeway up to the tops of mount Moiwa! I really love these rides in heights.
For a second this looked like a roller coaster. Gosh I am so tanned here and I really applied sunscreen everyday! Mount Moiwa-藻岩山 Once arrival, the sun started setting down already and it was twilight hour. I thought it was gorgeous seeing the shadows, the soft orange glow and play of mountain dew (not the soda) around the mountains and I wanted to stay here for hours just staring at this mountain view. It was so peaceful on mount Moiwa and felt I was glowing myself too standing here. Or it was because of the hot weather that me sweat like mad.