my zzz's at Mystays Japan

voor Nederlandse
MYSTAYS Staying at MyStays hotel was wonderful for all my sleeping and resting during my stay in Japan last Summer. Let me give you a quick room tour! take your shoes offThis is as far as you can go because after this line you need to take off your outside shoes. This is a Japanse custom which I`m a fan of because I also take off my shoes and leave it in the hallway. The main reason for this is quite obvious which is hygienic reason and I couldn`t agree more! After the line you can walk in your home slippers, socks or just bare foot. bathroomSmall but functional bathroom.
My travel experience build up throughout the years taught me to not bring unnecessary clothes with you and so we wash our clothes and undies instead and let it hang to dry in the bathroom. Fresh clothes every other day!my bed

Project: Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

cotton cheesecake A texture of sponge cake but taste like cheesecake, that`s the cotton cheesecake! It`s a super fluffy airy cake with flavours of cheesecake plus it contains less sugar and fat then the original cheesecake.
ingredients3 eggs separated
30 ml milk (2 tbsp)
25 gr butter (1¾ tbsp)
80 gr cream cheese
1 tsp. vanille extract
(2.8 oz)
25 gr cake flour (3 tbsp)
35-40 gr sugar (⅓ cup)
I got myself this 30 cm in length cake tin but you can of course use any baking shapes you want like a springform. Then I used this brand of cream cheese (only €0,65!) and it worked wonderfully I can assure you. You can of course use Philadelphia cream cheese or other more familiar cream cheeses. Melting time.
My Japanese cotton cheesecake is sweetened but has no calories thanks to this product here.