The Forbidden City & Peking Duck

Summer 2018 was full on exploring Asia. Now whole Asia of course but I went to Japan and China for the very first time of my life. I've experienced heatwaves and I don't mind tropical temperatures at all but some were just to hot and steamy for me even.

I've also explored and walked so much in China. Everyday was pretty much a workout especially with the topnotch temperatures and hill hiking. I've had delicious cheap Chinese food and it's not the typical Chinatown version. 

I almost had the one and only delicacy Peking Duck because it looked so so so good but I restrained and kept true to my vegetarian heart.

One of the things I want to do in China was to see The Forbidden City. I grew up with C-drama (還珠格格 anyone?) and movies and The Forbidden City and all the historical events that took place has fascinated me ever since. 

I don't know why but somehow visiting this palace completes me being a Chinese. A proud one! 

De zomer 2018 was een en al Aziatisch avontuu…