Food in Asahikawa/旭川市

voor Nederlandse
vertaling! 100% vegetable fresh udonHokuhokutei- 北々亭♥ A sushi place. With other Japanese specialties such as udon and desserts. We sat at a table with all condiment needs and hot water within hand reach and there`s the familiar sushi conveyor belt right next to us. Apart the fresh sushi that we can take from the belt we want to order sushi and other food from the menu as well. There was no English menu available and the staff, how sweet and wonderful they were can`t speak English either. Hm. But family can read Chinese and since Chinese characters are similar to Japanese we were able getting food that we wanted. Even if you can`t read anything there was pictures so you can just point it out anyways.壽司 (sushi)
This was our second sushi place stay in Japan. I think the one back Chitose Airport - Hokkaido was better but overall the sushi in Japan is just good already: sweet and fresh seafood.