Project: Vegan Mint Chocolate Tart

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vertaling! Ingredientscrust
45 gr rolled oats
30 gr almondflour
3 tbsp. agave or maple or other sugar of choice
2-3 tbsp. melted coconut oil (30 - 45 gr)

100 gr soaked cashewnuts of 4 hours+
100 ml coconut- or ricemilk
50 gr melted cooconutoil
4 tbsp. agave or maple or other sugar of choice
2 tbsp. cacaopowder + 2 melted dark chocolate blocks (optional)
1-2 Fishersman Friends (powder form)
⮙ my favourite sugar free chocolate bar
⮛ my favorite cold/bad breath
attacker Here I`ve used accidentally 3 to 5 tbsp. melted coconut instead of the described 2 to 3 but thank goodness it turned out well! The crust has a more smooth cookie texture than the supposedly crumbly crust exterior. matcha?

peace, love and my 14 matcha food

Summer of 2018 in Japan (especially Japan), China, and Hong Kong was me on a food-discover road and I was happy to have matcha flavoured food again. In familiar form like ice cream but also unknown form. Riding my food discover road well you see! I had most of them at Japan, the motherland of matcha.   NL
De zomer van 2018 in Japan (vooral Japan), China en Hong Kong waande ik een weg door al het heerijke eten en  was ik vooral blij met matcha. In vertrouwde vorm zoals ijs maar ook onbekende vorm. Tja, ik ben eenmaal een avonturier. De meeste onbekende matcha vorm at ik in Japan. Daar komt matcha oorspronkelijk vandaan. 🛈
matcha (抹茶)Matcha is a Japanese specially treated green tea leaves that is grouned finely into powder.
1.Meiji Matcha Chocolate Macadamia2.a cup of hot matcha latte with whipped cream from Key`s Café. 3. a castella cake 4.matcha bun filled with azuki beans 5.filled biscuit6. (my fav!!)croissant yaiyaki with custard filling

Hello Hokkaido! Lets eat!

🌢 bye Tokyo
but not forever Whilst on the plane to Hokkaido I think I`ve spot the mighty Mount Fuji from my plane window! I`m 99,9% sure of it but my family doesn`t think so but I still think this vague shadow on the background is Mount Fuji. According to Louise (hi!!) from it is supposed to make you lucky on your trip when you see Fuji-san from the plane. I haven`t seen mount Fuji from a closer point and I still want to but seeing Fuji-san from the sky I do feel blessed! This was my breakfast by the way: a peanut butter sandwich (not good), a hot cuppa matcha (very nice!) and a rice cracker (yum!). We really left Tokyo huh? I`ve decided to pamper my support system.⛛
New Chitose Airport

The New Chitose Airport is actually pretty nice and quite entertaining too and there`s enough shops and food places. Me and my family couldn`t even decide which restaurant we should pick for lunch.