Peek Into My Life 86

Somewhere July Standing with a bowl of hot and spicy Indonesian street food. From Kale & de Bril we have cauliflower with mushroom in butter and herbs and it`s really really good! Cute stands and great music, my other bonus at a food festival. I was very excited for this vegetarian hotdog because it looked really good and rich until I took my first bite. There was still plastic, rubbery thingy around the sausage! I returned the hotdog to the maker, pointing out the plastic situation. Her excuse reason was: `it`s a vegetarian intestinal wall`. The name intestinal wall itself was already off-putting even it`s 100% veggie and nonetheless my teeth still didn`t get through it.

Luckily the chef was kind enough to make me a new hotdog and removed this weird veggie intestinal wall. At the end it was still a good hotdog!