More Jewellery

Making alot of food jewellery lately!
More at

For the curious among us and wants to know what
kind of material and tools I have worked with:
Fimo clay| Oven| Cutters| Sterling silver rings, pins, hooks and chains| Molds| Glaze polish| Pastel| Tongs| Pincers| Brush

I'm Feeling: Good| Tired| Cold| Creative
Food: Chocolate crispy chips (57% cacao) :D
Drink: Water


  1. Gaww they're so cute. I have a friend who does these too, and she sells them. Do you sell yours ? I could open a small shop and all kkk.

    Like I'm commenting early 2010 and we're in 2011 so maybe you have and these comment would be dumb xD


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