€115 & hot sushi rolls

Yesterday I went to Rotterdam (Dutch city like Amsterdam) to have a 
great time. 
Together with my bestbestbest sidekick girlfriend we went 
plundering all stores. 
The results: I have spend over €100
( €115.15 to be exact ) OOPS~
Nice legging jeans by Pieces. ( bought 2 )

White blouse that reminds me of the Summer by Bershka.

Do you know how frickin' cute these ear jewellery are?! HAD
to buy them >_< by Claire's. 

 I love this color. Reason to buy right? By Fishbone. 

And I've bought these awesome neon blue feather earrings. Super flashy!

I have more, but these are the main stuff that I want
to share with you  
Yaay happy me & broke me!


 At the end of the day we decided to get supper
at a sushi bar. It was an 'AllYouCanEatService' which is great. But since
we are both skinny girls with skinny stomach we stopped at round 1 ( €19.75! )
 Ready to eat! 

 A nice bowl of noodles with grilled chicken. Too bad it was a small bowl.  

 California maki - Nigiri crab&corn salad <33

-nomnomnom sluurp-


Check out my drawing! Finished around 20-30 min. 

So, you might wondering: "Hey, what are those text and words you are drawing on?". 
Okay. You got me. I was -suppose- to do some homework.
But then again, temptation to draw has made me surrender.


I'm Feeling: Tired| Good| Hungry| 
Music: Elise Estrada - One More Time Yaay another Asian singer who made it to the mainstream and it's not BoA! Elise Estrada is a succesfull singer from Canada and I love her. 
Food: Minicupcakes 
Drink: Milk <3  


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