Spring Holiday!!

Yaaay! Finally Spring holiday!
One week off from school. 

I have made a plan/list that helps me to have a great week ever.

The-Do list

1. Homework
I have to prepare things for exames so I HAVE to finish it. MUST MUST MUST. 

2. Spend time with special friends
I only see them in holidays so I have to see them now matter what

3. Sleep.
Tuck me in before 1.am please ( with a nice bedtime story :'D)

4. New piano piece
Repeating old music = boo. Time for new songs!

5. New food jewellery.
I really got no time for this hobby of mine. So it's perfect if I can do it now. 

6. Art
Actually... I always do art. Even in during stressy school days.
I always art! So in holiday that would be even more. 

7. Cooking
American cheesecake, honeybuns and Tuiles cookies here I come, RARW.

Haha, I can stripe down number 5 of my The-Do list already. 
I really got up early this morning to make some nice ice cream jewellery!

And I love them I'm so happy really.  
Inspired by the great Japanese fashion. Check this out click

I hope I've made you hunger for food jewellery because I've made
a small and easy tutorial for you sweeties. 
Feel free to comment me at the Shoutbox if you have any questions! 
I love to answer them back!


Some funny vids. that I want to share with you guys  

( Chinese-Cantonese people would understand the situation tho ) 


Girfriend and boyfriend are having an fight at the McDonalds. Boyfriend has cheated on her by doing with a hooker. Girlfriend got angry of course. And the thing is boyfriend thinks that he's infected with Aids. Girfriend: "Don't touch me! You probably have aids right now! Ewwww, you are so dirty". So they continue argueing. 
Boyfriend: "I'm sorry I didn't know, it was for the first time.. blablabla".
Girfriend: "Have you ever see me as a girlfriend? Do you huh? Do you?!".

Basically the whole conversation is about cheating, Aids, what we do now and
calling her boyfriend names. 


My kawaii-metre exploded because of watching this. 
It's a Japanese anime about a cute cat and his daily adventures! 
Enjoy your first episode


I'm Feeling: Happy| Relaxed| Dancemoody
Music: Stacie Orrico - I'm Not Missing YouAn old song by Stacie. She has a great voice. She can hit the high notes + viberates very well. 
Food: Milkchocolate with hazlenuts <33
Drink: Milk 


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