What I love the most

A few days ago I've been doing
the things I love the most: shopping. 
Yes I know D: I broke the 'notgoingtospendin3months' rule. 
I can't help it when there are stuff putting on sale.
Kah again, I ubersuck badly.

I bought: blouse (see below), navyblue fleece shirt dress, shirt for a friend & food.<3

To make my sin complete I went to the movie 
with a friend.
We went to Avatar 3D, and the movie is a-wesooome!
Totally blew me away. ( Did you know that movie has already earned $20 billion?! That's CRAZY)

Cute 3D shades <33

I'm Feeling: Happy| Scarded| Tired
Music: Ne Yo - Lie To Me This song is sad and beautiful at the same time. Ne Yo sings it with alot of passion. "Desperate.. Desperate to believe"
Food: Fries <333
Drink: Tea 


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