Yesterday I've made American cheesecake style and it was very
yummy! My family also enjoyed it! 
I like cheesecakes but it's so fattening And boo I ate 3 slices =_=; -slap face-

Today the weather was so nice! It was all sunny and it
was pretty warm for a Winter day. ( Which is rare for typical Dutch weather ) 

So I took some
nice skyphoto's from my outta my bedroom with my crappy camera

-MUNCH- :x I luff cheesecake

 Seriously I can stare at this all day. It makes you so.. Zen. :')
A view from my bedroom window. 

I'm Feeling: Good
Music: Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Never thought I would like this song.. SO MUCH! Oh kill me D: dear.
Food: Cheese
Drink: Mango tea


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