Funky nailz

Friend: "Tjing! You really have long nails!"
Me: "Uh yeah huh? ^^;"
Friend: "How do you get such long nails... Mine always breaks so easilly"
Me: "Uh. I drink milk :D?"
Friend: "Anyway want me to polish your nails?"
Me: "Sure!"

And ta-da! Very funky and stylish nails done by my girlfriend during 
math. What? Polishing is a good way to count things. 
Yep, 10 fingers


At my intern, I have recieved a small, cute present from a kiddo. 
It was his b-day and he wanted to treat all the teachers including me!

Such a sweetheart. 

The egg thingy in paper cup was the yummiest! 

People I have to scream.
TWILIGHT III is coming soon x____o
I lovelovelove Twilight. But you probably already knew that.
Damn, I missed Bella. 
But damn I missed Edward even more.

A 10 seconde preview of the movie! Enjoy! 

 Below another sneakpeek. I think it's fanmade because some scenes
I have seend it before in 'Twilight - New Moon' but I think it's still worthwatching it ^^

Kind of funny of how maaaaany people are making the so called 'TheTwilightSageEclipse-Offcialtrailer' while it's not :')
I'm Feeling: Okay| Tired| 
Music: Kid Cudi feat. MGMT & Ratatat - Pursuit of happiness The lyrics are good and so does the video. Pursuit of happiness honey.
Food: Milkbread
Drink: Tea


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