Family day out

Yesterday I've spend some quality time with my family. 
Everyone was there except my lil bro. Oh well suit yourself. More food for me yadda, yadda
We were having lunch at a nice, fancy restaurant called Grand Cafe Raymondo

And this woudn't be a nice blog if I haven't made pictures, so here are
some pictures of the day!

With mommy! Covered for private reason.

Tosti for my dad!

And I was pigging out on this food called "Poffertjes". It's actually mini pancake and it was really nice. To bad it was small, I was still hungry after =w=

Alot of pigeons were passing by. Nice & annoying at the same time.
Nice = for photo shootings
Annoying = stealing food D: & leaving poopies on your head.

I'm Feeling: Happy| Tired
Music: Lisa Lavie - cover Earth Song - by Micheal Jackson I keep loving her, and this song gaved me goosebumps. Nearly cried out D:
Food: sandwich with chicken filet
Drink: water


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