My shopping list & cute stuff

I'm really excited going to the US, I can't wait! 
So. What do I have to buy when I'm in the States?

New, decent camera 
Lip balms <3
Skin & hair products
Manga stuff
Kitchen supplies
Did I mention food? 
Here is some really cute things that I have found on the net! I really want them. So feeling optimistic and willing to donate some to a poor girl like me, please be my guest

Headphone with a shell of wood                                                                              Umbrella with a katana end holder *o*

A cute bookstopper in a shape of an egg                                                 a wireless mouse & USB stick by Hello Kitty ^^
I'm Feeling: Good| Stressed| Very tired
Music: G Dragon - 少年よA boy Hey it's G-Dragon, do I need to say more? >:o
Food: pizza croissant
Drink: Pomegranate & blueberry juice


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