Pixelart & Jewellery

Sorry for not posting so long!
Anyway I've got some news.
New pixelfood for Easter!



I've been making jewellery again! 
This time, I was trying to make a nice chocolate & strawberry swiss roll! 

         Me wearing the Swiss rolls ^__^ 
Speaking about jewellery I've found some very nice stuff on the net!
It seems Lego bricks are the next new hype!
I think I might going to search for some Lego toys 

I want these >___<  so cute.
I'm Feeling: Okay
Music: Gummy Feat. T.O.P (Big Bang) - I'm Sorry Wow I cried so hard at the end, sooo sad MV D: I love T.O.P!!
Food: Cinnamon roll <33
Drink: Tea with honey and milk. 


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