Exams are deadly

Like every other senior year students, we are dreaming about enjoying Summer, party, late sleep and most important: graduations.
But before we can able to do that, there's a huge obstacle that we all have to struggle with.
I'm talking about exams!
A few days ago our deadline was up and we have to sent our finals & project.

I have to wait for the results and an interview. I'm pretty scarded about it and not because I didn't do my homework.
It's because you might never know....

My suitcase (Muji ©) with my final assignments

The content inside - it's pretty heavy >_<
I'm feeling: Tired| Stress
Music: Yann Tiersen - Comptine d'un autre été A beautiful piano piece by Yann T. I use it alot for when doing homework. 
Food: Slice of orange
Drink: Ice tea


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