"I have left my head and my heart in NY"

I'm back from New York! 
Missed my posts? Of course you did.
My second time in NY was great! I had a awesome 10 days spending my time in The Big Apple and I can't believe the 10 days are over. Time sure flies (to fast) when you are having fun. 
My main goal in NY was: family <3 - shop - eat - sleep
My sweet families are spread all over the world, and thanks to that I can travel alot. Saying goodbye never been easy to me and thank God I didn't cried. 

Shopping. There's no vacation without shopping. From the day I put my foot on the shopping area in Broadway/6th Avenue/Time Square/Chinatown I can't remember how many times I wanted to cry out of happiness.
I have saved up money to buy things and with a little help of my generous dad ;)

 One of the best doughnuts in my life. From Doughnut Plant.

Verazona Bridge!

 Some buyings from New York - click for more!

I will be pigging out on these later >w<

New, decent camera 
Lip balm
Skin & hair products
Manga stuff
Kitchen supplies

As you can see I still don't got a new camera and I still don't know what to pick. The Canon EOS 450D is one of the camera's I want.
 More photo's of my New York trip coming soon!
I have taken over half GB of photo's~

I'm Feeling: extremely tired | happy | stressed
Music: Ayumi Hamasaki - Part of me A nice, calm song by miss Hamasaki. She looks stunning in her geisha outfit and make up. 
Food: Pineapple bun
Drink: Green Tea


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