Longflights = hate

My first post from out of the States!
 I love the travel really, but there's one thing that I really hate: long8+hoursflight. And not to mention turbulents. 
For the rest you just sit there in your miniscule chair, while your legs is going numb isen't so pleasant either.  

Even that I have still taken some pictures on 12kilometre high stay!
The pictures are bad quality, since I don't have PS with me.

Camwhoring at the restroom >w<

My dinner. It was okay actually! I only ate the pasta with creamcheese and spinach (?) and the yummy creampuff covered with chocolate, sprinkles and white mousse dessert!

For everyone who is going to entre US you have to fill out this form. Very hillarious, especially number C :'D LOL - Like if there is a terrorist in the plane, like he is going to take 'Yes'... silly

I'm feeling: tired| happy
Music: Ayumi Hamasaki feat. Kyoko Fukada - Dearest (LIVE) They look like twins! I love them, very nice live performance.
Food: Strawberry French toast
Drink: Tropicana orange juice


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