Well lunch.. it was almost diner time but that's okay! 
Again we were having another feast at the Grandcafé Raymondo. 
I just came from work and I was ubberhungry because I didn't ate at work.

I've orderded: cream tomato soup & spaghetti with vegatables, mushroom and cream. It was delicious! Mmhm the mushroom was juicey and nicely seasoned.
The soup was 'okay' I guess... nothing special. 
Tasted like those instant soup in a bag.   

 Reminds me of Autumn - tehehe

A dork like me who likes to photograph her food.

My dessert! The plate was still warm - I had to eat it quickley before turning into a milkshake.

I'm Feeling: Good| Tired| Hungry
Music: Mickey Mouse Club (Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake etc) - Love Can Move MountainsA veeery old song. Those 3 were so young and cute! And you can still reconize Christina A. voice. A killing voice from that age already! Song original by Celine Dion.
Food: Cereal and milk
Drink: Milk


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