Potato Skin

Potatoes has given humanity alot of ideas and good uses in food and in healthy/beauty products. I can name tons of food where pototoes got involved with. 

 And about beauty things one of that is: removing dark circles! 
Now how in the world can potatoes wipe off panda eyes? 
Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase, which is used in cosmetics as a human skin lightener. 

Now we all know that cucumber slices is a good mask for your eyes but why don't you try a few slices of potatoes? Or soak cottonwool with potato juice and dab it around your eyes. 

Like me I am using this cleanser by Muel Essence with the ingredients: potato & seaweed. Unfortunately I coudn't find their official website (which is weird) but anyway here are some pictures: 

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