Twister fries

McDonald's, Burger King or KFC? McDonald's definetely! 
But for the tastiest fries, I'll have to choose Burger King's side. 

 I wish I can say that to the other food of B. King (they suck) because the Twister Fries are the best fried potatoes ever! They are curly, seasoned and scrumptious..

 Tehehe my name la IcePandora ~ 
Nomnom nom - burp

I'm Feeling: Happy| Tired
Music: Twins - Strawberry, Pear, Apple, Orange I dislike HK songs. Sorry! I just don't like them. This song by the Hong Kong artist "Twins" is okay, kiddish and fresh. 
Food: Pockey Strawberry
Drink: Pineapple and orange juice mix


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