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Enjoying Summer? I do!
These days in Holland is getting really hot. And according to the weather forcast, a heatwave will approach our Dutch coast. 
To be honest, I don't like such heats... let it stay 20-25degrees Celcius (68-77 Fahrenheit). 

Anyway! I was having lunch with my one of my bff's at the Hema because their restaurant has been renovated. Hungry stumach ready, time to check it out!
(Hema is a Dutch department store.)

  I love their new styling! It's modern, basic and there's a lot of light coming through. Very nice compfy seats too! 

What I like about Hema is their bakery and the dishes they create. They use nice & good ingredients and such. My friend took this home-made burger and I took this strawberry tart. Delicious! 


I'm Feeling: Dissapointed| Good| Tired
Music: Ne-Yo - Champagne Life One of his newest singles of his new album - Champagne Life is a good club music with a little twist of Micheal Jacksons flow.
Food: Egg salad sandwich
Drink: Tea


  1. awwww this restaurant looks really stylish and nice^^
    your food looks awsome two :3

  2. that restaurant has excellent design and ambiance~ and the food looks great, too.

    what plush do u want =D


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