Today I had my interview for my exames. 
I was fricking nervous, had a nerve breakdown. The assessors were shooting hard questions and there were moments where you can hear the clock ticking... total blanked!
That's why I was soooooooo happy after hearing I got passed!!
I am so thankful - so happy. Finally! 

Bad quality photo alarm!! So happy here :)

I have still got no new SLR camera yet! I'm picky.. I'm a style lover.. I'm überbroke 
and I want the Pentax K-X series! A camera with a fashion statement!
1. They are highly recommended by

2. First camera collection with colored SLR case. 
3. Price is 'okay' ( €459 ) for this goody camera. 


These are the colors I want D: what to pick people!?

I'm Feeling: very happy| Tired| Reliefed
Music: Kayne West- Power I personaly don't like Kayne. Such an attentionseeker... but his new single "Power" is not bad, nice beat.
Food: Chicken with corn
Drink: Water


  1. congratulations for the pass! ^_^
    you look really happy in that picture, hehe! cool. :)

    i want to get DSLR so bad!!
    love the quality of the pictures ><

    i think i'll choose the third one, hehe.

  2. yay, congratulations!

    and thank u~

    u can join my giveaway too!


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