It's Summersale! So happy!
Together with one of my bbf's we went shopping in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, 2 city that I love the most to shop in Holland.  
I want to show you guys what I've bought that day ^^ 

Hungry.. this supermarket sells ALL kind of foods from the entire world.
H&M lover & TOPSHOP lover <33

 Fitting jeans?

This cute necklace that I bought in H&M €4,95
I was sóóó happy with this dress because it was €30 now it's on sale for €10! MINEEEEE <3

A set of studs bracelets - a gift for my sweet cousin in Hong Kong.

I'm Feeling: Good| overcooked
Music: Keri Hilson feat. Timbaland - Hold your breath Serious, these two are a great duo in making songs, gotta love this new song!
Food: Chocolate
Drink: Water


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog C: I'm going to follow you because I think your posts are really interesting ^-^!

    That dress looks so nice! And what a bargain ! :D (I don't know what that is in Australia dollars but it looks like it's a bargain!! xD)



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