Chinese buns

Yumyum, Chinese buns! Or if you prefer the name 'bao'.
Either or that, I love Chinese bakery! 
Today I've homemade some.............. but not edible ones unfortunately. 
No, these are food charms made out of clay. 
I'm very happy with the results because I think they look pretty real don't they?

My Top 5 favorite Chinese buns
1. 'Gaai May Bao'
2. 菠蘿 'Pineapple bun'
3. 紙蛋糕 'Zhi bao daan goa - paper wrapped cake'
4. 咖喱角 'Ga lay gok - Curry triangle'
5. 奶油包 'naai jau bao' - cream bun'

This is a メロンパン, ( melon pan ) by the way, my favorite Japanese bun :3

Tutorial 'Gaai May Bao' 

Ingredients & tools

1. light yellow Fimo/Polymere clay
2. white or beige Fimo/Polymere clay
3. orange pastel or chalk
4. a knife
5. a brush
6. pins
7. tongs
8. oven
9. clean & smooth surface.

Please click the image for a larger view - good luck ^_____^

I'm Feeling: Happy
Music: BENI -  サイン This Japanese girl Beni is so beautiful! Same for her voice. 
Food: Bagel
Drink: Water


  1. how cute are those little buns!!! aaahh!! adorable! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. omg thats brilliant!!!

    are u gonna make some more small buns and maybe even dimsum?

    ur so talented!

  3. I love both Bo Lo Bao and Gai Mei Bao! (Y). Cute.


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