End of school

I'm graduated from college! Obviously we didn't said goodbye yet without a party and a tear...
I am so going to miss my friends & nice classmates. 
We are off to our own ways of succes, including mine. I'm going to study uni. in Holland (duh) in Rotterdam, a city that I love. 

After recieving our hard earned diploma, we decided to have a drink & midnight snack at a café.
We talked about the past & about our future.
I stayed till 00.00 AM and went home for a goodnight sleep. 

Me & one of my sweetie, bestie friend ^^ 
 "Ahhhhhhh" >w<

No, no, no I didn't end up drunk that night. All I had was delicious Ice Tea & Red juice :)
Slurp, slurp ^^

I'm Feeling: Happy| Tired
Music: Atomic Kitten - Nothing in the world I miss this UK girlband Atomic Kitten. Nothing in the world is one of the songs I adore.
Food: Hawaii pizza <3
Drink: Water


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