I dimsum, you dimsum, we dimsumming?!

Last week I went with my cousin and his friends to have a dimsum party. 
We went to a city called Den Haag (The Hague) to their Chinatown.

We had our dimsum at a traditional Chinese restaurant called 'Kee Lun Palace' and the food there wasn't so bad! Trust me I had worser. We have orderd alot of food for ourselfs, and since we have our Dutch friends joined our table we must had them to try the chickenfeet & cow stumach. >w<
Mhmmmm I love dimsum! But not having it too much because of the high calory state.
I had alot of fun that day and met some new, sweet friends!
Here some photo's of that day:

 lol I love my geeky glasses

My cousin <3

Coconut pudding <3

Mhmmm, statisfied belly ^^

An intresting undentified flying object (UFO) crossing through the China sky. 
Kind of pretty don't you think? Do you guys believe in aliens? Or any other living species in the huge milkyway?

I'm feeling: Happy
Music: Pussycat Dolls - Where did our love go I feel kind off sad this girl group has fallen apart. 
Food: Curry chicken sandwich.
Drink: Tea


  1. I see that everyone was hungry and completely mauled everything down. :P

  2. COCOSNOOT PUDDING!! lekkerlekker!

  3. have u ever had dimsum in hong kong~? that is prolly a place u have to eat dim sum at least once in your life!


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