I'm a huge fan of lipbalm because of the goodness such as keeping your lips soft, hydrated and kissable!
But also because of the packaging and the scent they have. 
And a few days ago I bought the lipbalm by the brand Vaseline. It's so nice that this brand finally released lipbalm collection! 

My newest conquery. For the hot Summer...

 My collection :D 

Nice: SPF 15, Sheabutter, pocketsize, lightly scent.
Sucks: hot days = soggy.
Price: €1,99 

Nice: Vitamin E, gloss effect, 8 flavours total, scented, cute package.
Sucks: when you forget to rotate it back and you cap it already... 
Price: $HK 12,50


Nice: for daily use, alot of Labello flavours available, price.
Sucks: Pretty boring, alot of chemicall inside this tiny stick. 
Price: €1,30 

Nice: cute, thinkness = good hydrate, more flavours available, smoothly rolling.
Sucks: doesn't fit in your skinny jeans pocket. 
Price: $4,99 

Bodyshop lipbutter 'mango'
Nice: soft, mango scent, not tested on animals, natural products.
Sucks: price, hot days = soggy, longnails fails.
Price: €7,99 
Nice: glossy effect, lightly scent, a chic looking stick.
Sucks: when you forget to rotate it back and you cap it already... 
Price: n/a (it was a gift) 

 I'm Feeling: Tired
Music: B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams - Airplanes "Can we pretend that airplanes in the nightsky are like shootings stars? I really could use a wish right now"
Food: Macaroni
Drink: Water 


  1. i really like soft lips, because it works on regular lips

    but it doesn't really help already chapped lips

    day 2 was better!


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