God, I love sales. Making me so haaaappy!
What did I bought on my lastest shoppingspree?

The sweater was the last one and it's in my size aswell! I like it alot, because it has a twist of a kimono look and I love kimono's. 
Then we have earrings for just 1 buck. I can't ignore a €1 pair of earrings right!? 
Deo by Dove with the hair minimizing function. Sounds abit unnatural to me but it works. And i'm smellyfree (: 
Now that it's Summer, I finally have some time to read a decent book. The book Shopaholic is a book that I want to buy for so long. Lucky for me for the €5 discount! ^___^ 
At lunch we hit the McDonalds for some refreshment. I order a Happy meal and found an adorable Gingy doll from Shrek! That goes to my other toy collection :) Last but not least: color acryl paints for just €0,99! I had to buy them. 

Now and then I must realize I'm pretty happy with my stuff I bought :)
Total spent: €34,70

from left to right: blue lace stockings by V&D €5,95 - A white sweater by V&D €9 (was €35!) - wooden heart earrings byClaire €1 (was €5,95) - Gingy doll by Dreamworks for Mcdonald's €3,95 Happy meal toy :D - book 'Shopaholic' Bruna €10 (was €15) - Dove deodorant Etos €3,79 - Set of paint Zeeman €0,99

Read the first 56 pages already, the book is girly & hillarious :)

I'm Feeling: Happy
Music: Christina Aguilera feat. Alicia Keys - Impossible Amazing duo work.
Food: Rice
Drink: Cream Soda


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