Themepark: Efteling

    Oh my Goood I love themeparks! Soon after I land my foot on the soil of the entrance I feel like a kid again. 
I went to the themepark 'Efteling'. It's one of the biggest & prettiest park in Holland I think. I was there to guide a group of kids and hold their hands during scary rides lol.
Efteling is based on the fairytales like Little Red Riding Hood, Flying Dutchman, Hansel & Gretel etc... 
What I like about the Efteling is that everything in the park is decorated like a fairy tale. Such as benches, shops, ATM, food places, lamps etc. You feel like you are wandering through an enchanted playground

The day started out good and the weather was THANK GOD nice. I was trying to take alot of pictures but at the same time I have to keep my eyes on the kids too. Efteling has a few roller coasters
Do I like roller coasters? Hell yeah
 When I was a kid I was überscarded of roller coasters. By just looking at it I wanted to cry out already.
I went to the coaster called 'Phyton' that has double loops and corkscrew. I had so much fun. But compared to the other coasters I've been before, this Phyton is just a kiddy ride. I don't like the Swing boat and the spinning Teacups, because they all make me sóóó nauseous. 

The remarkable entrance! 
 This ATM stores alot of money I bet
 lovely scenery 
If you have a weak stomach, don't go inside of this 'Vilavolta' house


Maze :D

One of my favorite rides: Elfendroom (elfsdream) 

The 'Vogelrok' (birdrok) a rollercoaster in the dark


I'm Feeling: Tired
Music: Akon feat. Enrique Iglesias - One Day At A Time A brandnew song for the Summer!
Food: Apple Strudel
Drink: Tea 


  1. Omg Lovely lovely photos!

    I absolutely love theme parks :D Its always fun:D

  2. oh really?? *0*
    You are living in Roermond? *_*
    next time we could meet for a shopping tour ;)

    by the way: this park looks so beautiful :3 such a great place to go^^


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