I'm a huge fan of collecting toys like Bearbricks, Kimmidolls, Sanrio items, manga action figures etc.... 
Yet I don't have many of them but still toys are making me so happy. 

The inner geeky/girly/kiddy me was kind of exploding after seeing this new kind of collectables: Eggcore Rabbit

 I want the color series one :( loving the pink & blue <3

The Eggcore Rabbit are made by the Chinese toycompany 909toy
The sale date is on 23 July '10 ( which is today >_< ) at 9.00 to 11.00PM in Hong Kong time. Take me to Hong Kong guys :(
The alien rabbits are abit pricey too, the cheapest was $98. Hmmmmm I feel so poor. But! For all toylovers among us there's a contest where you can actually win these cuties. Go to and all you need to do is post a comment! 

Good luck :)

 Me & babies :')

 That's the Sasuke katana sword thingy keychain btw >w< -otaku- I love Ginatamaaa

I'm Feeling: Tired| Okay
Music: Maroon 5 - Misery Love the upswing, pop beat by this band Maroon 5! The MV of this song pretty funny and stunning hot if you know what I mean...
Food: Bread
Drink: Water 


  1. Can I have Naruto? :)

  2. O: You have a lot, and they're all adorable <3 Makes me want to start up my own collection now haha

  3. I have the same hello kitty pancake set!! ^_^'re blog is so cute!


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