13 Aug '10 (Friday 13th!)

 What am I wearing?
I wanted to wear something girly, floral with a bit of Japanese fashion twist. 
The day was really nice. Check out the blue sky! So I was taken advantage of that and took pictures outside in my little garden. 
It was hard to look in the camera without squeezing my eyes because of the sun that was shining so bright lolol. 

Head: Strawhat with ribbon - by Vögele €5 (sale!)
Top: Onepiece dress - by Topshop $50 (sale also!)
Feet: Brown leather boots - by Van Haren €? (stolen borrowed from moms)
Accessoires: Bead bracelets - homemade, ribbon wristband - vintage found in my moms drawers.
Make-up: Mango lipbutter by The Bodyshop. 


Thanks for the tag Kyandii thé Hello Kitty expert :)
She made a few questions for me to answer it:
1. Which season do you like the most?
Actually, I like all seasons. Summer then.

2. I wish my name was ... (fill in the name you like). 
I like my name I have thank you.

3. Do you believe: what goes around, comes around?
 Oh yes definetely.

4. What's your favorite country/city?
Favorite country: Hong Kong - Favorite city: New York ^__^

5. Do you believe: love at first sight?
Not really. That only happens in movies~ 

6. Do you like Hello Kitty?
Yes! Alot! 

7. Name 3 things that you want to buy. 
OMG only 3 things? :(

1. Gray leather boots by Dolcis €89,95
2. A firstclass flight ticket to Japan - LMAO
3. Pink Pentax K-X DLSR camera €459

8. Describe your dreamhouse in a few words.
A cosy & warm house with flowers everywhere <3

I'm Feeling: Happy
Music: Kylie Minogue - Come into my world I love her and this MV is amazing ^___^
Food: Rice cake
Drink: Hazle nut latté 


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