Dimsum for Dummies

How do you spent your quality time with your family?
Simple by treating dimsum with high tea! Well actually my dad was the one who's treating not me, but hey we were all together happily eating :)

My dad saw this advertisment about a crazy discount at some dimsum restaurant. €2.80 per dish of all dimsum! Holy cow I'm ready to pig out and
dying to go. I haven't been to this restaurant before so I was excited how the food would taste.

I'm amazed about how good my photo's turned out!
Potential in this crappy camera of mine..   

Left to right: 'Siu long bao' & 'haa cheung' yum springrolls!

The famous 'Cha sieuw boa'!
Why are they so tiny :(

'Lor mai chii with mango flavour' :D one of the best dimsum that day.

 'Haam sui gok' very nice : ) it's sweet & salty.

Hot sauces and soy by Kikkoman

From left to right: 'Ha gao', Gelatine with Chinese wolfberries and Chiu-chao style dumplings. 
I have never tasted or seend this gelatine before and it taste good. I only know the wolfberries in Chinese herbalsoups but they fit in desserts aswell!
My favorite all time dimsum: 'Lor pak go - turnip cake' 
Steamed or fried I like them both!

Spicey chicken with fresh parsley, chilli & roasted crushed peanuts. Delishhh
Chow mien. Abit dissapointing :( 
More salt please!!

I'm Feeling: Okay| Hungry
Music: Nobuo Uematsu - Aerith's Theme One of my favorite Final Fantasy soundtracks. 
Food: Sandwich
Drink: Tea


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