Donation clothes

I have so many clothes and my wardrobe is limit and small. 
To gain more space in my closet I have
decided to donate my old but still wearable clothes to the Red Cross, an organisation for homeless & people in need. 

At some point I had a hard time to let go of my dear clothes. Afterall they have been keeping me warm, making me compfy & fashionable from the day I was born. But yet I'm not gonna wear them anymore and I can actually help other people with it and make them happy aswell! 

That made me feel good.

The shirt on the left used to be my favorite in 4/5th grade. 

It was a neat & tidy pile of t-shirts/tops long time ago =w=

And there's more where this came from. 
Below some stuff I'm giving away: 

1. My 2 supersupersuper polo shirts. I don't rememer how many times I wore this at highschool. It just matched with every jeans I have.
2. My tankini! Wore it at elementary school. 
3. A tiny, black breezy skirt <3
4. Rainbow legwarmers, my 'punk/candied' wild time during highschool =w= 
I used this Puma shoulderbag alot with 8th grade.

Tadaa! The results! ^__^
Arghhh school for me tomorrow -dies-

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  1. good luck at school!

    yea i have so much clothes to give away as well. there is a lot that i dont need that could be great for others

  2. omg so many clothes!!! it's cool how ur donating them though ^^ most of the time i wear my clothes until they have holes in them :( XD

  3. I give away so many of my clothes! I keep them forever and then they get way too small for me.

    I donate the ones that don't fit, but I make things out of the ones that have holes and stuff in them. XD

  4. no but nemo does scratch a lot!

  5. You have such a cute blog! >w<
    You're super cute too! I need to pack up all my clothes for giveaway. I've got a bunch from 3 years ago that I've outgrown...


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