Hello Hedgehog!

"Hii mister hedgehog welcome in my little backyard!"

lol what a cute surprise. I went to put the garbage outside when I saw this hedgehog in my flowerpatch. Pretty rare!
As fast as I could I grabbed my camera and made some photo's of my model. 

He was a bit smelly tho lol - like a wet dog this one is a wet hedgy....

I hope he didn't pricked my tire lol..

I'm Feeling: Happy| Tired| Hungry
Music: Duffy - Warwick Avenue Sad song by UK artist 'Duffy' - her powerfull songs reminds me of the 60's music.
Food: Cereal bar <3
Drink: Vita lemon tea


  1. awe so cute!! i'd like to see one too while throwing the trash!! that'll make throwing trash much more interesting heheh :)

  2. omg why is the hedgehog there?! is he named sonic?

  3. thanks! please check it out!


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