Magic Make-Up

That's all what I can say after seeing the following pictures of evolution of man made beauty. And that in a good way! 

The models are just normal people, not super model or anything. 
This make-up artist 斯岩 is my favorite at the moment! 

I think using make-up is making art. Your face is the canvas, the make-up your paints and the brushes and sponges the tools.  
I absolutely adore make-up guru's. It's so intresting to see! 
My favorite make-up guru's: Michelle Phan, Bubzbeauty & Juiceystar07.  

This is so stunning! What make-up can do....
 I love the full lips....... I want tooo D:

 My favorite piece!

Finally! I've been waiting for centuries for a coversong by Esmee Denters.
Please all check ^___^

 I'm Feeling: slightly stressed
Music: Esmee Denters - Cover "You lost me by Christina Aguilera" Not bad, not bad! But I've heard better covers :( sorry! 
Food: Mashed apple <3
Drink: Water


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