Melon pan!

I've been trying the Japanese melon pan recipe by the amazing blogger 'Happy Home Baking'
I wanted to try this recipe for so long. I finally got time to make it with Summer holiday. 
I had alot of fun baking it and the buns didn't taste bad :D 
You can say I was proud of myself since this is my first time making them.


I'm Feeling: Okay| Tired| Fat
Music: Yu-A - Time Goes By Yay start to like this Yu-A girl alot ^__^
Food: Ginger sweet
Drink: Soda


  1. i love melon buns =] yummy it is my favorite!

    i got her an anime dvd set, a hair of dbsk earrings, and a pucca doll

  2. also they sell these at the japanese market =]


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