...... is pain sometimes.
Tomorrow my first official schoolday going to start. 
My intro-day last wednesday was a disaster. BECAUSE:
1. I got placed in a wrong class. I'm planning to finish my school within 3 years and they put me in a 4-year class. 
2. Because of this I missed my real class meeting. 
It was really chaotic.

I felt like a big noob in this big scary school.
But that doesn't stop me from going. Even I had bad start with the intro-day 
I still bumped into some nice, enthusiasm people. 
So that's good news right? 

I also did some shopping for this new school year: stationary!
Check it out:

My super handy mini agenda :)

 My pencasses & my Naruto friends mascots

 My Copic markers <3 god they are exspensive =____=
I bought these with discount 12 colors for €29,95 + free penholder case.

 This is where I keep my fineliners & pencils. 

 More cute stationaries!

 I got these tabs free thanks to Cosmo Girl magazine. These are amazing and cute!

Nerdi glasses for thé effect. 

I'm Feeling: Stressed
Music: Katy Perry - Hot and Cold A fun song lols
Food: Scrambled egg toast
Drink: Water


  1. love your cute stationary!!! all the best to your new school year... hope things will go smoothly for you soon

  2. Nice stuff! =D waar studeer je?^^

  3. I'm envious of your copic markers...I always want to get them, but they're so expensive! ><

    Thank you do much for the follow by the way! It means so much to me! ♥

  4. haha wat a cute ass nerd!

    anyways, are u cantonese?

  5. thank you ^^ I always spend too much money on stationary :p

  6. your welcome ^-^

    you have lovely school stuff ^_^ mine are so ordinary XD
    and yes, Paris is Awesome =D


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