Happy Birthday 'Glamour' 5th Anniversary!

One of my favorite fashion magazine: Glamour and it's celebrating their 5th year anniversary! There's a small gift for everyone who's buying the Dutch October issue: Chanel INIMITABLE mascara monster & a mini scrapbook! 
But that's not all. Glamour also giving alot of discounts away on tons of top-brand shops (Karen Millen, American Today, Levi's, The Body Shop, Kookaï and more ) on October 2nd! Only in The Netherlands & Belgium.
A small review of the new mascara 'Inimitable' by Chanel.

Overal: ♥♥♥♥♥ 3,7/5

1. No make up 2. Mascara on the right eye 3. Both eyes mascara 
No big difference to be honest......

I have tooooo many magazins. It's pilled up in my room. 
( When I was a child, I was afraid to use mascara/eyeliner because I might poke in my eye and go blind xD ) 

I'm Feeling: Okay| Fat
Music: Sky Sailling - Brielle My favorite band at the moment. The guitar sound is amazing. 
Food: Instant noodle <3
Drink: Water


  1. haha same with me xD when i was a little girl i was afraid of any eye makeup blinding me >,<

  2. the close-up shot is great, and you look good in all three photos next to each other, with or without the 'dangerous'eye liner. :-)

  3. tehe i keep my magazines too and nice effect witht eh mascara its really exopensive D:

    sorry to hear Reisdent Evil :( Close your eyes next time :d I took of my 3D glasses wwhen the zombies had tenticales coming out of its face XD

  4. it doesn't seem like it worked well on ur lashes =/

  5. she is a whore for attention!

  6. You have a really cute blog! I love that red scarf you worn in the entry below this one! Total want!

    Also, it is nice that the dutch magazine gives out gifts. The ones in America never do!

    Loved comparing the 3 pictures, thanks for the review!

  7. keke dont u want bunny slippers?!

  8. yes O.O you can see the difference :)
    It looks like a very good mascara ^__^



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