Hungry? Grab a Kakiage!

School = is always making you eat (alot)
So last week I tried this new snack called 'kakiage' (Wikipedia: "kakiage is a tempura dish with all kind of vegetable or meat in it"). I never had or seen a kakiage before. All I know that it's Asian and I had to try it out! 
You have to eat it cold like sushi. But there's more! You will not only get a patty kakiage but also 2 dried up rice slices that are actually 'buns'. You actually have to eat it like a sandwich.
There are 2 flavours: mixed vegatables & grilled chicken. I tried the veggie one first. (I tried the chicken the other day. My conclusion: chicken is mucho better!)
Kakiage review
 Price: €2,95 (mine was on sale for €1,50)  ♥♥♥♥♥ 2/5 I can buy a foot-long sandwich for 3 bucks.
Location: Supermarket 'Albert Heijn' 
Taste: Mmmm spicey! The sauce is nicely sweet/spicey and essential because without it, your kakiage will taste superdry like paper. The tempura is poor it's dry. I rather having fresh tempura.
The rice buns were dry as the tempura itself but it tasted alright.  ♥♥♥♥♥ 3/5 if you are a vegetarian and loving cold food & Asian stuff this might be the right snack for you.
Good: Cute package! 
Bad: This kakiage burger not fitting my mouth.
Re-buy?: This will not be my first pick if I'm hungry. I rather having something else but I will re-buy it when I'm in a kaki-mood.

 ♥♥♥♥♥ 3/5 It's okay - I like the chicken version better.

 Cute no? ^___^

 Let the feast begin... from the eye, it do looks appetizing right?

 Nom nom nom~
I'm Feeling: Stressed as hell
Music: Miss A - Breath This new Korean girl group can really dance! 'Breath' is their most recent single. 
Food: Grapes
Drink: Honey water


  1. Looking good&yummy!

    Haha die vogels waren te schattig xD
    Enn jaaa die 'drinking blood' ziet er zo vies uit =|

  2. oh it looks yummy and cute packaging ^^ cute photos of u nomming too!

  3. also Im trying ur pixel art tutorial now ^^

  4. wow, that looks soo good O.O
    I must go looking for it in my country :)


  5. Het ziet er lekker uit! Wist niet dat de AH zoiets had!


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