"I collect stamps and you?"

That's right folks, I collect stamps.
I've been collecting since I was a kiddo of 7 years old. 
After a whole 13 years of hiatus I decided I should put back some love & effort init. 

I enjoyed collecting stamps, me and my brothers use to fight for the prettiest & most 'rare' stamps. 
I even got stamps that has a history of over 30+ years old. 
According to my dad, these will be super moneyworthy. Oh my god, I can get rich with my stamps. yadayayaydyaaaa $w$
How to collect stamps

1. Cut the letter/package whatever with the stamps out. 
2. Get a bowl that is big enough for the paper with stamps.
3. Fill the bowl with cold water
4. Dunk the piece of paperstamps in the water. 
5. Sog it for around 1-2 hours. They will automatically remove itself from the paper.
6. Dab and dry the stamps on a natural way (no dry blowing!)

My collection! Alot of Hongkong, American & Dutch stamps

This is a fun stamp that I created with my dad when I was in US - Newyork. $14,95 for 1 sheet of stamps
These are the 30+ years stamps that I was talking about $w$

One of my favorite series stamps <3 

I'm Feeling: Organised
Music: Ne-Yo - Fade into the background Again Ne-Yo never fails me <3 Loving this song. It has a strong message. 
About a girl that he loves, but in the end the girl marries another man. Heartbroken, yet he wants the girl to be happy. Himself fading to the background... 
Food: Pineapple bun
Drink: Tea


  1. Nice!! =D ik spaarde vroeger ook postzegels! XD

  2. I used to collect stickers as a kid, but now I collect shoes. LOL. I like those customized stamps! Those look awesome and look fun to create :)

  3. thats pretty cool especially if its worth alot of money ^^

  4. thats pretty cool especially if its worth money! I love pretty stamps :3

  5. your welcome ^__^
    and thank you too for the kind comment :D


  6. Where did you get the cutesie stamps in the first picture O_O

  7. Sweet~ mum has a large collection and I use to mess them up as a kid ^_^

    Love the customised ones - so cool.


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