New pixelart

Some might know that I create art such as pixelart.
Pixelart are artworks made out of pixels (duh) where images are created on the pixel level. You can actually see the tiny litty squares.

And I neglected my pixelarties =____=
so because of this I've been developing new pixel art lately. 
Plus a small tutorial for you guys! 

These pixelart are created by me, no copies & editing alowd!
Want permission? Sure just contact me~
(btw - I likey the new image uploader of Blogspot!)

Other gallery: deviantart &

Please enlarge image for better view!

Love bite : )

 Brownies & scoop of ice cream <3

 Chocolate & blueberry muffins are my favorite.

Haha my work space.... And no I don't have a messy desk....


  1. I love pixel art :) You're very good at it!

  2. ZOMG this is so cool ^^ i tried pixel art and after 2 hours my eyes were watering and i didnt have much to show for the time i spent on it XD very cute deigns ^^

  3. those pixel arts are so cute, it reminds me of those fun games on the DS :D

  4. Wow zo leuk en mooi gemaakt! =D is het met Paint?

  5. wow, that looks like fine. Is it difficult? because it looks like it is ^__^ and can you download it or have to buy it :P

    xxx London


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