OMG almost 50 followers!!!

That means giveaway soon! OMG I can't believe my silly little blog has 44 followers so far! Thank you! You make Ice Pandora very happy.

What am I wearing? Fresh punk I would like to describe.
H&M top - Topshop legging - Macy's necklace - Schoenenreus black heels

Trying to master how to create heart lens flares <3


I'm Feeling: Good| Stressed
Music: Rihanna - Only Girl Newest single by miss Rihanna. I'm not sure if this one is the original one, Rihanna's voice is abit 'tranced' lols~ 
Food: Banana dessert flan <3
Drink: Honey water


  1. i love the necklace and great outfit ^^ love the photos :3 i suck at photo shop

  2. Die ketting is echt cute
    oja...ik wil over heart lens flares
    Echt mooi ..goed gelukt!

  3. wow! what amazing pants O.O
    I love them! I actually love the total look :D

    I adore you blog, I'm going to follow you ^__^


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