This could be my last Summer day

Last day it was reeeeally nice, that I decided to burnsomecalories kill time with my bike. 
I live in The Netherlands, in the country side and I love to cycle around to see the nature and take pictures

What I don't like is the fact that I have hay fever. The reactions are different, sometimes it's worse (soggy eyes & snot nose) and sometimes it's okay (sneeze). 
You might wondering if I'm allergic to animals also. Answer: nope
Thank God! I love animals and if I can't hold or come near them that would make me sad. 

Here are some pictures of the day, enjoy ^__^

"Báááááááá!" Love the look on the sheep "Huh wt............"

I still frickin want you Pentax pink <3 
But I also want the Sony Nex 5 after someone letting me borrow his Nex 5 with it I was totally in love! Huge € price different tho ;____; 
Anyway. Keep on dreamin

 I wanted the Nex 3/5 series in the first place because it's a DLSR camera in a digital camera size.
Untill someone told me that Sony has a bad reputation in DLS cams.
I have my second thoughts now, since I've used + seend the function with my own eyes. I was impressssed. 


I'm Feeling: Stressed| Scarded
Music: Craig David - Insomnia Craigy David I love youuuuuuuuuuuu
Food: Moms dinner
Drink: Water


  1. Wat echt leuke foto
    Die met schaap is echt leuk en je

  2. i needa dslr or a nice midrange camera so bad~

    keke the animalss are so cute, especially the sheep

    i love sheeps

  3. Pretty pictures ^_^
    I love those those shots.

  4. =D japanese people have great ideas!

  5. really cute photos and i hate cycling on an excericse bike but i would love to bike outside ^^

    and im excited for your giveaway ^^ i would lvoe a DSLR camera :3

  6. wow, I adore these pictures ^__^ and I hope you got rid of you fever wright now :)
    I love in Belgium, so actually I can start taking dutch I think :D
    But talking english is fun :P
    And I adore animals too ^__^

    xxx London

  7. Woeew! Een mede-Nederlandse-blogster! Dat hoofd van het schaap XDD

  8. so untrue!
    i don't know who told you about sonys bad reputation, but i have the sony alpha 200, and it's great. just perfect really, the best camera i've had. much easier to work with than a canon or a nikon btw. but perhaps they meant the cybershot series? cause those suck, that i'll admit :'D i have one of those too, it's dead now. but the dslrs are heaven!

  9. Gah, making me want to have sun like rn. But I have to deal with grey patches everywhere :(
    Nice pictures on the bicycle :P


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